Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year to all!!!

So I haven't blogged in like foreveeeer. So here you have it. I hope you all had a great Christmas? I did. well it was ok...ok it was freezng cold in my MIL'L but we survived, that's why we left a day early. haha. Christmas seemed like it just passes me by. Although I didn't prepare for it & I did not stress about it. So that was good.

It's been good seeing David & April. We'ved had a fun time together. Although we'ved only played games 1x. But it sure makes up for all the 4 mo of not playing any. haha. We'ved sure have had lots of holidays here. The 24th, 25th & 26th is a holiday. So you know what that means. Stock up on MILK!! cuz all the stores are closed!!! Yip none are open for 3 days in a row. & that's everything!!! So it's pretty quiet around here. Then afcourse there's the New year. So another 2 days of store's not opening. But I think we got enough to live off for 2 days & feed our guests. haha.

Saturday we had Audrey's 1yr B-day party. I have been trying to plan this around All of Steve's fam & the holidays. So much for nothing. Steve's parents & sister did not come. His mom's excuse was that they had to prepare for Snday's service. Give me a freeking break. We have a 250 member church & our pastor prepares the night before. I don't know what a 7 memmber church has to prepare for. And all day????hmmm. Well it was mmore my MIL. Bob would of come & Lindi. But I wasn't smart enough to have made the invitation at the table. rrrrr. WHATEVER!!! I tried. Their loss. Lindi could've come but she's too much influenced my MIL. & feel's stuck in between 2 people. whatever!!! snap out of it girl!!! But it was better that they didn't come, really. We had 3 couples over. I wasn't planning a big party n-way. It turned ut better this way. No stress & fun conversation. Except for the anti- battery operated toys lady. whatever!!!

It was fun. Audrey got 2 battery operated toys & i'm quite happy with them. Although I was sad for 2 days, b/c I couldn't be with my friends that I miss soooo much. I was strong & held my tears back & enjoyed the moment. Audrey was sooo cute in her ladybug outfit. We tried to make ladybug cupcakes but there wasn't enough red dye. So they came out pink & added black polk a dots. They turned out quite cute. I will post pic's once I downoad them today.

Well last night we had a great New Year's eve service. It started at 8pm til midnight. We took the kids with me. I put Adrey down in the pastor's office before church started & she knocked out right away. whew. She never woke up. Thank God!! We let Andre stay up until he crashed but he never did. He was having so much fun & he did sooo good. I'm impressed. The 1st half was basically a talent show. People did skits, sang, said poems, jokes & comedy. It was quite a fun night. Then after 10pm we headed over to the street corner cafe that the church has. And we ate. The church members ea brought a dish & dessert. It was quite nice. Then we headed over to the sanctuary abt 15 til midnight & sang & welcomed in the New Year. The best part about was the traditional Austrian New Year. As soon as midnight hits we all say Happy New year to everybody & then they dance the waltz. It's the coolest thing I have ever seen. I mean everybody was dancing. It was so nice. Of course then you got all dizzy & i can't dance the waltz, so Steve & I kept on stepping on each others shoes. haha. quite funny. Andre loved it as well. He likes to dance & wants me to hold him. So it worked out quite good in this night. Then we left the church at 1am. Judy the pastor's wife took the kids home & put them to bed & we headed over to see the fireworks. It was out in the boonies & it was COLD!!!! We got home @ 2:30am & went to bed at 3. So we are pretty pretty tired today. But often do you get to stay up this late right??? So Happy New Yeat to all & a prosperous Year!!!


Moore Life said...

happy new year wildman family!! sorry audrey's bday party wasn't all you wanted it to be. i trust you made the most of it. the ladybug theme sounds so cute. i can't wait to see the pictures.

Logziella said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT New Year's Eve!! I fell asleep...yipee!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

I can't beleive that Audrey is 1 years old already!!! Time is certainly flying by!!


scrapbookingguru said...

I am so jealous that you had a great time....:) That would be cool to see everyone waltzing!
I was remembering all our holidays together and I was missing you bad
:( :( At least I have pics to bring back the memories. You know, there were several Chistmas songs that came on and I could just image you singing to them! Remember our beautiful PJ pants...ah, those were the days...

God bless the four of you now and always... WE LOVE YOU!!!

amazingbrenda said...

Thanks moore. We did have fun. I will post pic's of Audrey in her outfit. She looked sooo cute. hehe.

logzie, I can't believe it either that she's 1yr old! :( snif snif.

guru, I missed you too soo much. i wish yu would of been here. You would of enjoyed it. how can I forget our pj's. We're still wearing them. comfy. I miss you friend. I will see you soon. yipee

scrapbookingguru said...

Hey Moore life....good to see the fam! I cannot comment on your blog though :( This is Amazing friend, Lilah.