Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scrapbooking Mania

Here are 5 scrapbooking pages that I finally got to do. Not to mention I have 2 sick chicldren w/ ear infeactions, teething (molers cutting thrpugh the gums) snottttt coming out of everywhere. But thank God for healing & meds. hehe. So here u have it!

Btw logzie. The one with the round circle I had already started before I moved here, but u inspired the rest ;) except that my circle is a whole lot smaller than yours...darn. Oh well. I think it still needs something but oh well.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

passport or no passport part 3

Attempt #3. 6:15 am- get ready, get diaper bad ready, snacks etc, put on makeup, blow dry my hair, wake up kids, load the car, woah, 7:45!!! it didn't take us this long to leave last time. Oh yeah isten to the radio, pray & speak for a smooth morning, no "staus" (traffic jams) favor with the ebassy & smooth ride back. As I spoke for a great day to happen, so it did! Here are some pictures of our trip. Onthe road to Vienna; entering the City of Vienna @ 9:45, good timing Steve!!
As we are driving through the City we passed by a sex shop store. WHAT!!! It was funny but it's not funny..really. But I decided to take a pic & show it to u guys. haha!

This picture of this big white ornate building is the palace I was talking about last time. It's called "Palais Coburo" It's right behind the US. embassy...well the embassy is kinda on it's side. If u see the pic w/2 guys walking, right infront of them there is a round white sign with an eagle on it. That's it my friends &.....it was NOT closed!!! Praise the Lord!! We got there & were only in there for 45min. It was a smooth transition. It was kind of weird, to see all these Americans in there. You don't know what to think. it was kind of nice. You wonder what are each of these people here for? hmmmm. And then there is this other line for people from other countries residing in Austria that want to go to the U.S So they all get questioned, why do you want to go to the U.S. Glad it wasn't me. haha!!

So in 1wk we shall recieve Audrey's Passport. Def. a faster process to do get in Austria than in the U.S, except for the minor incidents. hehe! This other picture that you see of something laying on the side walk is Audrey's glove. That happened right outside the paking garage. Yip as we came out of those glass doors, she lost her glove. We didn't notice until we got to the embassy. Thank God we found it!! & it wasn't dirty either. hehe.

Afterwards we went to Starbuck's for some coffe. It was a treat well deserved. For a successful day & ofcourse, u can't go to Vienna & not go to Starbucks & get a MOCHA!!!!! yummyyy. We gladly enjoyed that! Then we walked for a little bit in the city. We found a great parking spot & headed to Burger King. Not my favorite but they only have them in Vienna & Germany. It wasn't bad, I must say. Then back to Wels we were. Kids asleep in the car & 2hrs of peace & quiet. Hope all you fans enjoy my glob I mean blog. :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Can you guess why I took this picture?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can u guess where this is from??

I got this great idea from "logzie" So I thought it would be great to play this game. Maybe hmmmm all of us can post something to guess?? So here u have it. Maybe somebody can come up with a points system. What do you say gals. giddi up mate!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The rest of part 2

Okay so that picture of the Stau was taken by I don't know who. But it was here in Austria & apparently it was taking in the summer. Ok I confess. We downloaded it b/c we didn't remember to take a picture of the Stau that we were sitting in. Darn!!

Ok so here it's the picture of the semi truck that caught on fire. Aparently I think he was falling asleep & hit the side of the cement divider. It started sparkiling & caught on fire b/c it was right where the tank of gas was. Thank God nothing happened to him. As you can see it was still dark when this happened. Dark but early in the morning. You see there is a law here that semi's trucks are not allowed to drive at night & on the weekends. Only some with a special permission. N-ways. The reason why I said..notice it was still dark is to proof that people here work slow. If it happened at 5-6am why were they still working on it til 12 noon. IDIOTS!!!!!!! sorry just had to get that out of my chest. Feel better now. hah!

So we shall try to make it to Vienna on Friday. We were planning on going tomorrow but it;'s been snowing for 2 days & the cleaning crew can't keep up with the snow. So yes, there are Staus (stalls) in the highway as we speak. In different parts of the country & states. So hopefully the weather will lightened up by tomorrow & we'll make a run for the goal!!! Yipeee!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

part 2 Passport or no passport

Welcome to the slooooooooowwww country of Austria! That's right, slooooow. Today was our 2nd attempt to go to Vienna to get the paperwork in for Audrey's passport. There will have to be a 3rd attempt. That's right, you heard me a 3rd attempt. WHAT!!!! So we got up at 6:30am for nothing. We got ready, got the kids ready & out the door we were. We thought 8 o'clock is not bad since it's a 2hr drive. As long as we make it by 10, we're in, baby. As you remember in my prev. blog we got there but the office was closed. This time the office wasn't closed. However, we were stuck in a 5hr stau (traffic jam) What the crap!!!

So we found out as we're driving that there's a stau ahead. How? Well, here they have a system, that if your listening to the radio or a CD & there is an accident or major traffic jam somewhere, you get interrupted by the news. No way of turning it off unless you push the off button on your CD player. It's a good thing but annoying when you want to listen to your favorite music w/o any interuptions. They said it was a 3km stau, so we thought maybe an 1hr. But no. we were stuck for 3 dang hours. There was people peeing on the side of the road. Quite funny & gross at the same time. I didn't look though, I promise. lol.

Back to what happened. Oh, well then they announce that it's not a 3km stau anymore it's 10km stau. WHAT!!!! A semi truck aparently caught on fire or there was some kind of accident at 6AM!!! WHAT!!! how long does it take to move this monstrous vehicles out of the way! All they need to do is move the problem to the side & tow whatever needs to be towed away for crying out loud!!!! Do you guys have no such thing as semi towing trucks????!!!!! aaaaauuuggghhh!!! Yip the frustration rose up as Audrey whined the whole time. That's right. Not a break at all. Whine whine whine!!! So we finally, with a load of semi's & cars in front of us, managed to exit at the next exit & tried to go around the towns to get to Vienna. But it took like 1/2hr just to find a road w/o traffic. So we drove & drove & intstead of going NW we are going SW. UGH!!!! hehe! So we took pictiures of the towns that we drove thru. Then we had to turn back around to the same exit, stuck in traffic, again for another 45min. This time it was to go home.

We pass the bridge & ahead we see cops directing traffic, or pretending to direct traffic b/c it was NOT necessary to have them there. They made the traffic worse. The round abouts pretty much take care of itself, really. My questions was....hmmm...why weren't the cops directing traffic where the accident was & removing the problem??? How is it that 4 hrs later or more this problem is still there. I just got to laugh. This country needs to prioritize in focusing on the prob, right away, not when they feel like showing up. Something I'm learning about living in a foreign Country. So 1/2tank of gas wasted but really enjoyed listening to Keith Moore. haha.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Passport or no Passport.....

So today we decided to go to Vienna to go get Audrey's passport processed. We got up @ 6am took a shower, got all of our stuff ready & the diaper bag. Woke up the kiddos got them ready. By 7:10am out the door we were. Picked up some pastries for breakfast & on the road we were. It's a 2hr drive to Vienna. I have to say the drive there was smooth. The kids did great. Maybe cuz they were tired. haha

We arrive in Vienna by 9 something. Parked in a parking garage trying to find a photo place to get Audrey's picture taken. We were way off. We were like on block building 245 & the shop was in building 10. Hello...why are we walking to this place I asked Steve. That's going to take like an hr to find. So Steve goes to get the car as it was the right thing to do. Then we drive until we find building 14. We found a great parking spot. I say great, b/c it is really hard to find parking on the side of the streets. Much better I said. We walked for 5-10 min. Found the shop. Got Audrey's picture taken & paid & arm & a leg for them. 25Euros. bah that's like $32 USD. Yikes!!!

So then we find the U.S embassy. I have to say, I don't think Vienna is pretty but that side of town is nice. It's in a nice building & an old palace lays on the side of it. The palace is white & beautiful & very high. I don't know if it's a museum but it seemed like they might rent it out. How cool would that be to rent a room there or apt. It has a nive view. It's sorrounded by really nice ornate 100 yr old buildings & a nice park accross the main street. This I would like to check out later.

Back to my story. So we get to the US embassy. We go in, up the elevator & there's a door that is like a vault door. & a camera on the side of the door. It's more of a lense & a key pad. We thought we were on the wrong floor. But we weren't. So this is the best part. We are "geniouses" really. I repeat geniouses. Who gets up that early in the morning w/o doublr checking the holidays. We know the hours of operation, but forgot to ck the hldys. So right on this vault heavy duty door is a metal gold plaque looking thing with all the dates & holidays that the offices are closed. Yip, they were closed. Monday the 15th of Jan..it's MLK b-day!!! ugh!!! Couldn't believe it!!! So ofcourse we laughed & then got some Mc'ds & drove back to Wel's.

By this time it's 12:30. The kids fall asleep on the car & we get to a "STALL" yip that's right. A 2hr stall. Kids woke up & the whining began. Well aparently there had been an accident earlier in the morning. a semi truck flipped over & tehn caused a car & another semi to crash. I don't know whagt exactly happened after tha. But I have to say..Austrins are SLOOOOOWWW. This was going to take them all afternoon to clear up. So we had to detour thru another town. Finally we got to the city of Linz & went to this small mall nxt to IKEA. Had the kids play & walk for a while. Then we got some food items fr a grocery store in there. I know the kids were tired. I tried to go to H&M to look at some sale items clothing & ot's like a curse. It's impossible to go in there w/o having one or both kids to start whining or crying. UGH!!!! For once I would like to go into this store & look & buy what I need w/o this. So today I really wished for that moment, why did I have kids. I love them, they sure can make me soo mad in minutes. I hope that soon for once I can go in with peace & quiet. Needless to say I knew they were tired. As soon as we got home they were as happy as can be to run around & play w/ each other.

We ate dinner, kids were in bed by 7. And by 7:30 we were watching Seinfeld. Ofcourse I fell asleep cuz I was soo tired. So I went to bed at 10 & couldn't sleep so I decided to write about my day. See ya!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I don't know why the pictures din't come out in order. blogger is so weird. here are some more pictures..Oh and the cupcakes din't turn out pink instead if red. We didn't have ebough red dye. hehe.
Here is Audrey with her Birthday dress. She looked sooo cute.

So here you have it. We have not had snow like guru has. Although I have to say I am glad. Compared to the winter they had last year. But I was glad that we had a little bit of snow. Andre ofcourse is ecstatic about it & wants to go outside immediatley, as soon as he sees it's snowing. So this time it stayed for a day. sort of melted the next day & was a sheet of ice the next day. So here is the nini that Steve & Andre built. Andre loved it! so here is the picture

Then we have picture #2. Audrey had to be given a breathng treatment b/c of this cough wheezing junk. It's not asthma but is junk collectede in the back of her lungs which makes her breathing passages narrow & causes a wheezing. So we had to do this for 2 wks. She did not like it at first but got used to it. Thank God she is healed!

Pic #3 & so on are pictures of her b-day party. She was a lady bug. It was a small party but nice. At least I got some pictures. We had a good time. Although it wasn't the same. I missed all of you guys. My inlaws didn't come. but it was better this way. It was a good time of fellowship. I'm glad I'm not sad anymore b/c it was probably the hardest thing that day to have a party w/o my friends & fam. But all is well. So here you have it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year to all!!!

So I haven't blogged in like foreveeeer. So here you have it. I hope you all had a great Christmas? I did. well it was ok...ok it was freezng cold in my MIL'L but we survived, that's why we left a day early. haha. Christmas seemed like it just passes me by. Although I didn't prepare for it & I did not stress about it. So that was good.

It's been good seeing David & April. We'ved had a fun time together. Although we'ved only played games 1x. But it sure makes up for all the 4 mo of not playing any. haha. We'ved sure have had lots of holidays here. The 24th, 25th & 26th is a holiday. So you know what that means. Stock up on MILK!! cuz all the stores are closed!!! Yip none are open for 3 days in a row. & that's everything!!! So it's pretty quiet around here. Then afcourse there's the New year. So another 2 days of store's not opening. But I think we got enough to live off for 2 days & feed our guests. haha.

Saturday we had Audrey's 1yr B-day party. I have been trying to plan this around All of Steve's fam & the holidays. So much for nothing. Steve's parents & sister did not come. His mom's excuse was that they had to prepare for Snday's service. Give me a freeking break. We have a 250 member church & our pastor prepares the night before. I don't know what a 7 memmber church has to prepare for. And all day????hmmm. Well it was mmore my MIL. Bob would of come & Lindi. But I wasn't smart enough to have made the invitation at the table. rrrrr. WHATEVER!!! I tried. Their loss. Lindi could've come but she's too much influenced my MIL. & feel's stuck in between 2 people. whatever!!! snap out of it girl!!! But it was better that they didn't come, really. We had 3 couples over. I wasn't planning a big party n-way. It turned ut better this way. No stress & fun conversation. Except for the anti- battery operated toys lady. whatever!!!

It was fun. Audrey got 2 battery operated toys & i'm quite happy with them. Although I was sad for 2 days, b/c I couldn't be with my friends that I miss soooo much. I was strong & held my tears back & enjoyed the moment. Audrey was sooo cute in her ladybug outfit. We tried to make ladybug cupcakes but there wasn't enough red dye. So they came out pink & added black polk a dots. They turned out quite cute. I will post pic's once I downoad them today.

Well last night we had a great New Year's eve service. It started at 8pm til midnight. We took the kids with me. I put Adrey down in the pastor's office before church started & she knocked out right away. whew. She never woke up. Thank God!! We let Andre stay up until he crashed but he never did. He was having so much fun & he did sooo good. I'm impressed. The 1st half was basically a talent show. People did skits, sang, said poems, jokes & comedy. It was quite a fun night. Then after 10pm we headed over to the street corner cafe that the church has. And we ate. The church members ea brought a dish & dessert. It was quite nice. Then we headed over to the sanctuary abt 15 til midnight & sang & welcomed in the New Year. The best part about was the traditional Austrian New Year. As soon as midnight hits we all say Happy New year to everybody & then they dance the waltz. It's the coolest thing I have ever seen. I mean everybody was dancing. It was so nice. Of course then you got all dizzy & i can't dance the waltz, so Steve & I kept on stepping on each others shoes. haha. quite funny. Andre loved it as well. He likes to dance & wants me to hold him. So it worked out quite good in this night. Then we left the church at 1am. Judy the pastor's wife took the kids home & put them to bed & we headed over to see the fireworks. It was out in the boonies & it was COLD!!!! We got home @ 2:30am & went to bed at 3. So we are pretty pretty tired today. But hey..how often do you get to stay up this late right??? So Happy New Yeat to all & a prosperous Year!!!