Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The rest of part 2

Okay so that picture of the Stau was taken by I don't know who. But it was here in Austria & apparently it was taking in the summer. Ok I confess. We downloaded it b/c we didn't remember to take a picture of the Stau that we were sitting in. Darn!!

Ok so here it's the picture of the semi truck that caught on fire. Aparently I think he was falling asleep & hit the side of the cement divider. It started sparkiling & caught on fire b/c it was right where the tank of gas was. Thank God nothing happened to him. As you can see it was still dark when this happened. Dark but early in the morning. You see there is a law here that semi's trucks are not allowed to drive at night & on the weekends. Only some with a special permission. N-ways. The reason why I said..notice it was still dark is to proof that people here work slow. If it happened at 5-6am why were they still working on it til 12 noon. IDIOTS!!!!!!! sorry just had to get that out of my chest. Feel better now. hah!

So we shall try to make it to Vienna on Friday. We were planning on going tomorrow but it;'s been snowing for 2 days & the cleaning crew can't keep up with the snow. So yes, there are Staus (stalls) in the highway as we speak. In different parts of the country & states. So hopefully the weather will lightened up by tomorrow & we'll make a run for the goal!!! Yipeee!!!

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