Tuesday, April 24, 2007

long time no blog

It had been a very busy week last week. I had no time to blog check my emails etc. I finally got to clean my floors yesterday. We had a wedding this weekend, so I was busy with that & the daily mandate things.

Sunday after church we went to this place called the Most Kost. It's a 1 day event. What it is is that in the fall they pick the best apples & let them ferment & then they make apple cider..with alcohol. They also have non alcoholic which is what I had. It tates like apple juice but better. It was a 1/2hr drive into the country side. In a big farm house. That is where this takes place. The sell 1 type of meal. Grilled sausages, sour kraut & 1 big slice of bread. The sausages are on the bottom, sour kraut on top of the sausages & the bread on top of the sour Kraut & the tiniest little fork that looks like the size of baskin robins spoon ice cream testers. Non the less it was good. The day was beautiful & warm. The also had different types of cakes & it was dirt cheap. We didn't pay for it. We went with a family whose family works in there & another couple.

They have contest on which farmer makes the best apple cider & then they give them some award. So that was cool. Then we went for a walk. That was very nice.

Yesterday was a reall bad day for me. As you can call it a real "pisser" let's just leave it at that. No details, just a real pisser, it still feels like it. I sometimes wish I could be back in America with what I know & with my friends & that's that. I hate me right now! I don'r even like to use that word but that's just the way I feel. I ahte the way I feel right now. bdah!!!

Today it's a rainy day. I hope it doesn't continue becuse I have some major walking to catch up too. We have watched the 4th season of 24. in 1wk. Whoah! that's alot of tv. But I don't feel that bad b/c I don't watch any TV. Haven't for a coulple of weeks. I should so I can learn & hear the language more. Oh well such is life. Well let's see what the rest of the day holds for me. ;)
I didn't take pictures of the Farm house only of the kids. So here u have it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Recap on this Easter weekend....

Well we did buy a ham to cook in the oven. But did not cook it b/c we were leaving on Sunday to my MIL'S. Yeah, Steve asked me on friday if we could go see them on Sunday after church & come back on Monday night. 1 day is all we both can handle. So I said sure. We didn't cook the ham but we did go out to the Greek restaurant which was packed'o. I guess everybody decided to go to the Greek's. They already know us there & treat us very nice. So we waited for ever & ate late & left @ 3pm.

Went home, chenged our church clothes,loaded the car & left. Audrey busted to her top lip. tripped & fell flat on her face. Yip..blood. So now sheƤs got a swollen top lip with a black spot on it. We got to my MIL'S. I won't go into details. Let's just say one day I will have a talk with her. I understand she hasn'r been around small children for years, but making an efort won't hurt. So I basically stayed in the guest bedroom with the kids b/c that's better for all. The visit wasn't bad b/c we stayed out of their hair for most of the time. The next say we took the kids to the park. That was a nice long walk to the park. Came back stayed in the room until lunch. Lunch was very very good. Once thing I hav to say is that my MIL is a great cook. Just stay out of her way.

Later in the afternoon, after the kids woke up from their naps we went to another park. Went back to the room packed, cleaned the room, ate dinner & left. So that wasn't a bad visit.

How much blood can you see in one weekend?
Yesterday morning audrey found Steve's glass of water sitting on the night stand. she grabbed it with both hands walked to Andre's room..tripped & fell. So you can imagine. Glass broke, she fell ontop of it & cut her left middle finger. It looks like she needs stitches but u can't b/c it's where you bend it. Yip blood was everywhere dripping like water. I couldn't watch it. Steve took care of it. She has been doing soo good though.

Later in the afternoon I walked with Judy (the pastor's wife) & then we grilled, played cards, ate homemade steve's apple pie. After we the food was done & brought inside, Audrey lost her balance with everybody coming inside. Fell & busted her lip (AGAIN) on the corner of a night stand. Blood ofcourse was gushing out again. But it healed quick. whew!! So here are some pictures of the kids.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ok, B renda, so What's This?

Now this is fairly easy I think, but since you gave me "rights" haha to your blog I thought I would add to your game. So guess away.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NOt much happening here.

I am currently making lucnh. It looks like we are going to have some tacos for lucnh. It's the first time that I'ved made them since the move. I don't care much for taco seasoning but I ahve no choice but to use it. I am really looking forward to this lunch. It's nothing like the real thing but we do with what we or they have here. Actually the couple that lived here left us a taco seasoning package, so today is the big day to use it. well not really nig day..but it is. haha.

On Monday we went to Salzburg to visit some freinds of Steve's fam. They are buying a new building for their church & needed Steve's expertiees on buying a sound system & what they need for that room. The trip took longer than expect it. I woulod of rather have stayed home, but then again I wouldn't of met this pasttor's. They are super nice people. So it was not as bad.

We left pretty late,then as it got dark I could se that it was going to be a full moon. It was the most beautiful night I have ever seen. Too bad my camera couldn't take good pictures. The sunset was beautiful. Finally it was dark. The moon was soooo bright that you could see the blue sky, the mountains & some clouds that followed the moon right above it. It was amazing. I wish I would of have gotten better pictures, but they didn't turn out. :(.

So that's pretty much it for now. This is my week in a nutshell. Hasta luego amigos.