Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here you have it....

Our car got sick & it has to go into the shop for some surgery & some costly & minor services. Here you have it, a week ago Steve came home for lunch & the car started to make this loud noise. They guy that we bought the car from has car dealership & is a mechanic. The good thing about his business is that he always does a good job a repairing the car asap & will give you a loaner car at no cost for the time being. He called the guy & told him about the problem. That same day one of his employees came & picked up the car & switched it for a loaner.

The next day, Marcus called us & told us that it was the motor. A part in the motor went out. That means, to replace it new it will cost abt 1,200 Euros, not to mention the other thing that needed to be fixed were the brakes & the regular service. Well, not a good time for the motor to go out on us, b/c we were planning on going to Paris for 3 days next mo & well as you can see that wasn't gonna happen with this expense. Good news, the guys found a new refurbished part from the manufacturer for 700Euros! Still, disappointed that we weren't going to Paris. Well good news. We still don't know what our total Will be, but I believe it's going to be about 1,000 Euros which is about $1500. YIKES. Not worried, I told Steve we trust God & everything will be ok, we pay what we can.

Good news, I know I already said that but here you have it. Every Tuesday they have a staff meeting & Steve mentioned that we might be going to Paris for 3 days also for some meetings. Since some of the staff was going to be gone around that time. Later in the afternoon, Pastor Fred talked to Steve & said that was a good idea to go to Paris & that they want to go also for this meetings & the church would be paying for the trip. Isn't that awesome!!! We can get really cheap tickets to Paris & we had already found cheap rates on a hotel. So we won't be having to drive & we won't have the expense of the hotel. Whohoo. God is so good. It even turned out better than we expect. Well on the mean time we are driving a VW Golf. It's kinda funny, b/c the stroller barely fits in there, not to mention I have to go grocery shopping today. All in all that is my I have for you guys today! Until later friends. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I have internet!!!!

Yay....happy dance happy dance!!!!