Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm soooo bored!!!

It's not like I have all this free we have soemthing going on like every other day. But it would be nice if we could just be with our friends, like old times. Bored? no problem just come over to the guru's. Never a dull moment there. We didn't even have to do anything, Just being with our friends made it so much fun.

Saturday I really wanted to be with people & play cards or something, Monday, Steve's day off, yah bored, well not really, but after the kids went to sleep I had nothing to do. But watch German boring TV. I really was bummed & wished I could be with my buddies. We need a sattelite dish desperatley. I watch my American movies over & over again. I can probably quote them. haha.

Good thing is...sometime in the summer they will be showing "MYTHBUSTERS" dubbed, blah, but I'll watch it regardless. Funny, b/c I was thinking & telling Steve that I really missed watching that show. Then Steve told me he saw a commercial tha they were going to show it on Thursday's. SWEET!!!! not to mention it's one of Steve's favorite shows. So we're excited to watch it when it comes out. I love America

Unfortunateley we can't watch american shows on line. We'ved tried but there's some kind of band. Probably b/c some of those shows..well whatever dubbed shows & shown here are one season behind. So there u have it. My life in a nutshel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Romania pic's

Romania Trip

It's been a while since I'ved had the time to blog. I hope I can get all in here withing 20min.

The trip was an experience. We traveled 24hrs straight. Left Sunday at 4pm arrived to Bucharest Monday at 4pm. We sort of got lost in the city, but even yet it was a 45 min drive to our final destination. We got to campus at 6pm. Got instructions/ schedule of what we were going to be doing for the rest of the week.

Monday morning we ate breakfast frpm 7-8am. OUCH!!! We had praise & worship for about 15min. Then to work. We stayed at Max & Becky Dahm's Ranch. This is where Rhema Romia is & they have dorms for the students & are building more dorms. They had very high grass that needed to be cut. Unfortunateley the part that mows the grass on the tractor was broken. They are stilll waiting for the replacement part. As u knnow things in romania take forever to arrive. So we cut gras with sickel's (is that how u spell it) Then we raked the grass & made piles.

We then got ready to built 3 military tents for them outside for a campmeeting event they have every year for 1wk. People come & camp out for the week. They show Disney movies for the kids at night outside on a huge screen.

We worked on the ranch in the mornings & did street witnessing in the evenings. The 1st night we went to a city called Giurgiu. We got split up in 5 teams. each with one of their translator. My team, the coolest team, were handing out tracks, inviting people to come to a church that is in this city, Rhema romania grad. Just my team alone got 16 people born again that night! I was so excited about this. That's just my team! Praise the Lord!

That same day before going to this city we visited Ceausesco's Palace. Which is now called the Palace of Parliament. It is the 3rd largest building in the world. It has 1000 rooms of which 465 are used. We had a very nice tour. This guys was not a nice guy. On their tours now, they talk more about how it was built & what they used, basically the beauty of it than how he tortured & killed people if things were exactly prefect or the way he wanted it to be built. You can read up on it on line.

The next night (wed), we attended a church & my team got 5 people born again. 3 of those were gypsies. We had some of our students give testimonies. etc.

Thursday night we went to a gypsy camp. Romania is poor, but his is even more so. I was asked to dress up as a clown, I guess I fit the profile, hehe! So I did & enjoyed it very much. My translator Niko was also the other clown since she was going translate for me. when we arrived at the camp you could see the kids faces light up. They were so excited to see the clowns. So we rode on this horsde buggies down the street waving & all this children out of nowhere starting comiing out. This was cool! There was this little boy who was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself he would just run & jump & scream! It was hilarious! Then we invited them to church where I gave them an object lesson. It was a success! We then gave all the children candy after church & did face paintings. I think Thursday night was my favorite night. I really enjoyed all those children.

Friday morning we finished putting up the tents & voila! We then headed back to Austria after lunch! It was good to go, but it's good to be back! Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm still alive. Will post when I have time. Just got back from Romania. I will post pictures ;)