Wednesday, October 22, 2008

random blabbings & yappings...

Besides being busy I can't remember what day of the week it is, much less the day of the month. I look at a calendar but I don't know what day to look at because I can't remember what day of the week it is. That is when my husband or my cell phone come to the rescue.

I am excited to say that I will be getting an i phone. I am so stoked about it. The best part about it, I don't have to pay for it nor the bill. Yes way!!!!

Let's see we have been sick for about 3 weeks now. I first then Audrey, Steve then Andre, now Audrey again. Dumb colds & fevers. But it's not that bad for Audrey this time. So that's good. Andre obviously can't go to Kindergarten until his well & we have to take him to the Dr, to get a note that he is well. Today as Steve was walking, coming home for lunch he saw a friend who's daughter is in the same KG as Andre & they had signs up that said some of the kids had Scarlet Fever. Yikes!!!! I think we will hold off on KG for another whole week, what do you think?

We have started a mama's group at our church. We meet every Thursday from 9-11. I like it, I am helping the person who is leading it & my, there is a lot of work that we have to do, since it's the first time that we have it & well we have to get all the materials ready etc etc. Non the less, it's good. The kids play, then color, lesson, eat & talk with the other momma's. It's kinda cool.

Friday, we will be going to the movies with all the girls from our youth group. We will be seeing High School Musical 3. I'm looking forward to this time with the girls, not so much for an English movie being in German. The last time I went to the movies was over a year ago. I think it's time for another visit for an english evening movie.

What else is going on....I made little stockings for Christmas. A friend gave me material all in reds & whites & remnants & I used my sewing machine. I am not done yet. Steve & went to a store & saw 24 little stockings clipped with a small wood clothe pin. The stockings were #ered from 1-24. Very nice, you out little gifts in there for each day until Christmas. I think we will be buying this for the kids. So my stockings that I have made will be hanging on the Christmas tree this year, with little goodies.

Since I was sewing last week, I got inspired to make Steve & I some M&M costumes. I will be making them with fleece blankets. Now I have buy some stuffing material to puff us up. We will be wearing them next Wednesday for our anti-halloween youth party, I am calling it Hell-No ween party hehe.

So that's what's happening on my neck of the woods. Toodles from Austria.:)

Friday, September 05, 2008

It can't get any worse than this...

Okay, so Andre started Kindergarten this Wednesday. He's really excited about his class & his teachers. What's even more exciting, is him getting to wear his green fake crocks- house shoes at kindergarten. When the kids are dropped off in their class room they have to take off their regular shoes & wear house shoes inside the class. Today he was so excited to wear them that he didn't even say bye. Well Steve dropped him off, I didn't.

Here's the real story.. yesterday morning I was running some errands, buying a shower curtain/ rod, door matt & groceries. After I was done with that I was going to pick Andre up from Kindergarten, I had plenty of time. I stopped by the old apt, picked up a few other things, headed toward his Kindergarten. Missed the turn to the back way- short way, Kept driving trying to turn around somewhere since there's just fields & fields of crop out in the country, I couldn't really see where I could turn. So about 100 feet I found a spot where I could turn. As I'm turning around Audrey screams, freaks me out & missed part of the turn & ended up in a ditch. YIP a DITCH. Left side of the car was on the ground, right side on the ditch. I couldn't back up or turn or get out. As I am thinking about what just happened I am thinking... I can't believe this is happening to me. I called Steve, I didn't know if I was supposed to be calm, cry or laugh, so I just laughed. 3 different gentlemen stop by & asked if I needed help. One of them tried to pull the car out but it was stuck. The others well I just told them in the best German I could- my husband comes (meine mann kommst).

1 minute before Steve shows up with another friend & the pastor, this farmer lady- stocky dirty friendly looking pulls up in a Land Rover, backs up in the middle of the street, well blocked the street. She pulled out a long big flat rope, attached it to her's & mine jack. Steve pulls up gets in the car, I am busting out laughing because I'm so nervous & embarrassed that this happened to me. Anyways- Voila!!! it only took 10 seconds to pull the car out.

The car was pulled out, lady was gone in a flash, I didn't even get to say Thank you, Steve did. The bottom plastic of the front of the car is a little pulled out, but nothing major happened Thank God. When they all arrived we were talking about taking a picture. Well we forgot about it, since it all happened so fast & still had to pick Andre up from KG. I will however go back & take a picture of the spot where it happened.

Crazy, the reason why Audrey screamed was because she got frustrated with the window shade, can you belive it! Is she would stop messing with it it wouldn't be in her face. Funny story, when Andre got his surgery Last Nov, Steve was coming to the hospital to pick us up & Audrey was talking to herself & screamed out of excitement I guess & freaked Steve out that he hit a sign with the passengers rear view mirror. The mirror. We had to replace it. Thank God it didn't cost that much. It's not typical but it happened. hehe.

So today as I was getting out of the small elevator, pulling the folded stroller out of the elevator. Steve & Audrey were already out & I almost fell backwards down the stairs that lead to the basement. I don't know how I didn't see that. Usually there's a chain that closing it off, but not this time. So we walk in the city & grab a coffee then Steve heads off to work.

I go to the grocery store across the flat & as I'm getting ready to pay, my apples fell out of the plastic bag, unto the conveyor belt & floor in all directions. So as I'm putting the apples in the bag I bend down to pick up the other ones from the floor I lost my balance & I almost fell backwards well I bumped into a shelve behind me. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Is this Deja'vou or what? This crazy life of mine. Well tomorrow we will be going to the fair that's going on in the city. We shall enjoy the stroll around the city & the crowds of clusterphobic people there. We have a great view from our living room window in the 13th floor. At night the city looks very nice & the Ferris wheel & rides look awesome! Last Saturday they had fireworks & the view was amazing!! We started singing the American National Anthem. haha. Maybe tomorrow night they will have fireworks again. That's all folks for today. Wow, 2 posts in 1 week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wow, it has been 2 months since I blogged, maybe longer. I still haven't posted the pictures from Paris. Well I actually did then blogger messed them up & I started & now I can't finish it. I had about 40ish pictures to share. Maybe I'll just do 10.

Well it's been crazy hazy over here. Lots & lots happening that I have had no time to blog, check blogs, maybe check but no time to comment & the it goes on & on. Just thought I'd let you know I am still alive. Getting ready to move, well we'll be staying at a friends flat for 3 mo, since she's in India until the end of December. Meanwhile we are looking for a house & have a friend who is single (27yrs old), very responsible & who would like to live in a house but can't afford it by herself since her other friends backed out from renting together. She's a good friend and an awesome baby sitter. So we have decided to rent together. We will be looking for a spacious nice little home with a garden so the kids can jump, run & scream.

Besides packing & storing our stuf & cleaning the flat where we will be staying. I had a very SUCKY birthday, thanks to my MIL. But I had a very fun surprise makeup B-day party by the ladies in our church. Well we were on vacation. We spent 2 days at an apt cabinish type, for 2 days up in a mountain, then 3 awful days & 2 nights at my in-laws. Glad that is over & won't have to go there EVER!!! Then 5 days in Flachau, with all the leaders of the church & their families. We had a great time. We go there every year. This year I didn't really go anywhere but to 2 lakes & the kids enjoyed the outdoors, jumping on a huge trampoline with many other kids. Very stress free, but very tiring by the end of the week. We are still recovering, plus I have been doing laundry like it never ends, packing cleaning etc.

Kids are in bed & asleep & I am enjoying this quiet time. So toodles until later!!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Finally. Sorry that it's taking me over a month to post about this, but we were still having trouble with our pictures. Maybe today I can post them.

Sunday afternoon. Drove to Munich Airport. Plane was delayed, no problem. At least we get to enjoy our time with no kids. The flight was only 1 1/2 hrs. Pretty good. I've never flown anywhere inside of Europe only overseas. So that short flight was pretty good. We got to Paris around 9:30. Took about 45 min to get our bags. Hopped into the crammed shuttle that took us to our hotel. That took about 30 min. By the time we got to the hotel it was 11 PM. We finally hit the sack about midnight, nothing different about our usual go to bed night routine. Except we were pretty exhausted & were ready for a good nights rest.

This is where the story gets good. 2:30 am, slamming of the doors, yikes, who in the world is slamming the flipping doors at this time of the day. 3:30 am, more slamming of the doors, 4:45 am more slamming of the doors, 5 am people next to out hotel room are arguing. WHAT the WHAT!!! 5:45 oriental dude is waking up a group of people in our floor at the top of his lungs. I wish I had an anvil to throw at that guy, like i the road runner cartoon. It's just a wish @ 5 am. I would never actually throw one. Finally I decided to start my day @ 6 am, since I wasn't going to get any more sleep.

We planned on getting up pretty early since we were staying at a hotel by the airport & didn't know how long it would take to get to the city. By 7:15 we were eating breakfast, got into to the shuttle to take us to the train station @ the airport. If you go to Paris, it is convenient to get the all you can ride metro passes. We got a 2 day pass since we were in the city for 2 days. Got in the train, then switched to the metro somewhere & finally got the city @ 9:30. It took 1 1/2 hrs to get to the city. We stopped by a hotel where a pilot friend of ours was staying, well the crew that came on the private jet. By 10 am we were on on our way to see the Eiffel Tower. Took the metro, 3 stops later we were near the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to go up but the line to go up were soo long abt 3 1/2 hr wait. You couldn't even find where the line ended. BTW, it had been raining & was very overcast & my hair did some atrocious things. It looked awful!!! The thing was that looked even worse on pictures. Pretty scary & disappointed. It would of been nice to have had some descent pictures of me. Oh well.

Next was the Seine river. Huge bridge, lots of tourists. Crossed the bridge & walked up to this humongous building across from the Eiffel tower & the bridge , it was pretty cool looking. The view was awesome!

Funny story. When we were walking toward the Eiffel tower there were a lot Africans selling different size Eiffel towers. We decided to look at them & start negotiating. We were negotiating with this young kids, late teens about a price, when all of a sudden he starts running among 30 other guys. As we were wondering what had just happened, we see 3 cops in bicycles chasing them. Apparently they are not allowed to sell merchandise. It was hilarious!! Then we saw a bunch of tourist video taping them & taking pictures of them running. That was a good laugh. Good thing we didn't give him $$$. We did end up getting an 8 in Eiffel tower for 7 Euros & the other kid threw in 3 key chains. We made sure that he gave us our change 1st before we gave him our money.

Next we went to Champs Elise's. We ate there & walked around many many nice stores. Then we headed to the Louvre. It's a very nice area. The museum starts underground. The building it huge & amazing. It looks like a palace, it might of belonged to a king of France at one point. We didn't look at all the painting & arts because it would take you 1 whole day to look at everything. 2 hours later we were in the room where the Monalisa is. It was funny because the picture is kinda small. We took a picture of the Monalisa & a picture of people taking pictures of the Monalisa. It was funny. Then we found a Starbucks- sooooo happy that we found one.

Ate dinner, headed toward the hotel where the meetings were held. We got to see our friends, then after the meetings we hung out for abt 1hr, then left the city @ 11pm. We got to the hotel @ 1 am. Oh man was I tired. I looked tired on most of the pictures on Monday.

Tuesday: I got some good sleep. Got up early about 7:30, ate breakfast, headed toward the city. Got there @ 10:30. Perfect timing for the morning meeting. Ate lunch with the crew, then we had about 4 hrs to look around in the rainy rainy city. We enjoyed it! We went to the Notredame & saw some other hug church & gardens. Then we stopped for some well deserved Starbucks . We bought a mug, then went to eat dinner, & back to the night meeting. This time we left the city @ 10 pm. Got to the hotel @ 11:30. Packed our bags & left the next morning.

I would suggest, to stay at a hotel in the city & spend at least 1 wk just to be able to look at everything. We had a blast inspite of it being a short trip. I would do it again!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I know

You have been waiting for this post. Sorry it's taking me a long time. We needed to get another drive for our mac b/c it was full of pictures. We couldn't down load them until we bought the thing a-magig. So then when we did download them, something happened & we couldn't find any of our pictures, we thought we had lost them all.. But last night we finally did find them. Long story.

This is a short post. The actual post will have lots of pictures. I will try later.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Got my fix....

Okay, so we found out who had season 5, but could not borrow it, yet. This how the conversation went. Called the crazy lady who owns season 5, not the friendliest person to talk to, ever. But we still gunned it & said, what the heck, lets just try. You know the knot in your stomach, when you talk to people that are crazy & just plane out weird yah. Given we've never made this lady mad, not that we know of. We keep our conversations to a minimum, b/c you never know if she'll ignore you when talking to her, although my husband is good friends w/ her husband. Any way here's how the conversation went.

Btw, Steve was the one who called her. So & so, how are you. Hope all is well. We heard you guys owned season 5 of Gilmore Girls & was wondering if we could possibly borrow it. We'll get it to you asa we're done with it.


Steve: I understand.


Steve: I understand.


Steve: I understand, OK, well thank you, Good night. Click

Shocked, my, do I look like I'm 4!! Enough said, I know what your thinking, that's exactly what I though, & wanted to voice my opinion. But not worth it.

So after that sour conversation & us not giving up for a boring evening, Steve went to the video store only to find out they didn't have "GG"

Still not going to have a boring evening, so Steve went to Metro, which is like a Sam's type of store. & found season 5 for 20 Euros baby. Not bad at all. I said take it.

So we now own season 5, we might be owning season 6, since we don't know who owns season 6.

Steve came home not only with season 5, but with 2 very yummy ice cream pops. Brand: Magnum Temptation. vanilla on the inside with chocolate covered Almonds inside, covered in yummy chocolate on the outside. They are the best.

I think we will be done with season 5 by tomorrow evening.

Sunday we go to Paris, I can't believe we got 2 more days. I am so psyched!!! I can't believe we are going to Paris, the 2 of us, all paid for, including meals & the train passes. We already have sort of a plan on what we're hitting 1st, Monday morning. We will have to get up early. Take the train to the city. I will keep you posted, if not you'll def, be posted when we come back on Wednesday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Junkie on hold...

I am done with all seasons of "Gilmore Girls". Must borrow next 3 seasons. Must borrow next 3 seasons. Oooh lala, I have found somebody who has season 5 & 7. Must find out who has season 6. K got to go. Will blog later. :(