Friday, May 16, 2008

Junkie on hold...

I am done with all seasons of "Gilmore Girls". Must borrow next 3 seasons. Must borrow next 3 seasons. Oooh lala, I have found somebody who has season 5 & 7. Must find out who has season 6. K got to go. Will blog later. :(


Domestic Diva said... can helpo outo!

Good luck locating season 6....:)

Hey, 05.03.09




Get ready!!!!

Somebody's Nobody said...

You're a nut.

Amanda Frazier said...

Oh....I hate to tell you this but..

My best friend and I lived on opposite sides of the country from each other and so we would watch GG each Tuesday on WB then talk about it on the phone. You know, a way to stay connected.

Well, when the series finale came on that horrible night, I cried and cried! Not so much for the content but for the fact that an era was gone!

The show only gets better and better!

So, the good news is that you are hooked to an awesome show but the bad news is that it ends eventually!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Well at least it gave you time to blog - even if it was a rather short post...

Let us know about your hunt for Season 6!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Did you get your fix yet, or have you gone to rehab? :-)