Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dinner with New China

When we moved into this apartment, we noticed that the previous renters (friends of ours) had left behind a really nice set of china. We think it may actually be worth something
So, instead of selling it on ebay right away, we decided to use it last night for a nice family supper.
We bought some fresh bread rolls, cold cuts, cheese, pickles (which Dre loves), spreads, fresh butter and made a salad and some fruit tea. So here are some pictures of our set table.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Funny things my 2 yr old says

here's some of the things Dre had to say lately:

"open the boor" (door)
"I want corn juice!" (orange juice)
"yea - poo-poo" (from outside the door when he hears you going potty)
"yea - Tandy" (candy - as a reward for going poo-poo)
"soffy, mommy/daddy" (sorry)
"tareful" (be careful)
"daddy finger in nose - yucky!"
"moowie" (movie)
"choo - choo tain" (thomas the train)
"oh nooooo" (when his baby sister has spit up somewhere)
"babutts" (pull-ups)
"shirt-off" (why is the neighbor mowing his yard without a shirt"
"eagles" (the Wiggles)
"Hindy" (my sister Lindi)
"tik it da mahn" (stick it to the man)
"poonnnnn" (spoon)
"pewuuuh - baby poo-poo"
"tside" - (let's go outside)
"sing!" (I want to get on the swing)
"mommy/daddy hug!" (I'm very sorry about what I just did that got me in trouble)
"ann-one" (I'm all done with dinner)
"pow-pow bzzzz" (I'm getting the fly-swatter and taking care of this annoying insect)

hope you like these, and they made you smile!