Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dinner with New China

When we moved into this apartment, we noticed that the previous renters (friends of ours) had left behind a really nice set of china. We think it may actually be worth something
So, instead of selling it on ebay right away, we decided to use it last night for a nice family supper.
We bought some fresh bread rolls, cold cuts, cheese, pickles (which Dre loves), spreads, fresh butter and made a salad and some fruit tea. So here are some pictures of our set table.


Somebody's Nobody said...

Fun Brenda! So are you going to sell the China or not? Hey take some pics of your abode from the inside and the outside so we can see where you live. Did you get the boxes yet? or are you living from what was in your suitcases still?

scrapbookingguru said...

Gosshhhh, I didn't even get to eat off of China and we have known you for 10 years. Talk about snobby;)

Okay, you are free to move back now...well only free to move to Colorado...:( I need you:)

amazingbrenda said...

Well...I didn't want to tell you we had china. just kidding! However there is a nice set of china kind of british looking that my mother inlaw has. It almost looks like toil, it's red & white. They have in the traditional blue, but I think I like the red better. eventually I will buy it. Than all of you can partake of my China. jeje
Now about selling this China I wont say it's my favorite simply bc it's flowery like grandma's china. But for now I will enjoy the fact that I have China. jeje.

Amos said...

Forget the china B renda, give me some of those rolls!! just kidding, I'm sure they taste even more sophisicated on that beautiful china too. Sorry rolls are my downfall. i love bread. Glad you had a nice dinner with your fancy dishes. As in my case, don't give it to Dre cause you may have to buy it earlier rather than later, just kidding. With my two it would've been broken in a heartbeat. That's why I don't have any yet. Speaking of, the sleeping one is banging on something so I better go. Love you

Logziella said...

You are making me hungry!! He he

Nice China! I don't have any either. I wouldn't have a place to put it!