Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty

That's right. I havne't posted any thrifty items because I haven't found any. But this week I went on Monday &..."BEHOLD"....I found something. Get ready to fall out of your chair friends. Okay I also went to the IKEA in Salzburg today. I'll explain, where I found the rest of my thrifty thrifty buyings.

Ok this beautiful brown picture frame 20x20 I got it for: 3.95. (I looked for a second one in both stores but couldn't find one :(
Tody's purchases were a total of: 8.79Euros equivalent to $8.79 plus 30% if you pay in $$$'s which we didn't. hehe:

Plastic Silverware tray: .30 cents
Kitchen towel holder: 1.99
Decorative Spheres: 2 for 1Euro so ofcourse I got 6, total of 3 Euros, YEAH baby!!!
Alarm decorative clock: 3.50

I tried to take a picture of the receipt but it was to white. Oh well. So here you have it!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thanks a million

you guys for your encouraging words. I am not usually a nut case like that, really, to all of you who know me. But I'm glad I was mad 2 days a go and not today. Today is a brand new day. I know that at times one can feel overwhelmed as I was, stressed, in need of different airs & conversatiions that involve adults.

So here it is. I hope for the best, move on, there is still tomorrow. Can't avoid mom (oh the pressure sometimes) but inspite of all. My mom is a wonderful mom & more than willing to do more for her fam & my kids than I could imagine. She wants & desires the best for each one of us. She has gone far & beyond without us asking of her. So inspite of, I still honor her & respect her.

To the final outcome. Be happy. NO worries. After all, things might turn out and I wouldn't want to ruin it by being mad, not because I din't get my way, but because one has to be optimistic. What a waist of 2 days. That sure din't accomplish anything. But I know that I needed the 3rd day to snap out of it. I did & I'm glad. You know that saying, "If momma ain't happy, no body's happy". Well I want to be happy & want my kids to be happy....oh & my wonderful husband. Love you all!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Not nuch to blog about. Kids a re better.And I'm bored..hmmm, would anybody like to come over? We can play games. Grill??? Oh wait I don't have a grill, but somebody could bring one. We have plemty of desserts & many apples to use....but what I really want is something with chocolate...mmmmm...choooocooolattteeee. Okay, I can't think of anything els else to blog about. Maybe 2-nite.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rough nite!!

It started again, yesterday evening. This time it was not Andre but Audrey. I notice she was just staring & getting kinda lithargig, on our way back from the grocery store. She had a temp of 101.smething. She didn't eat dinner & went right on sleep. She wasn't throwing up , until midnight. I gave her some fever reducer & threw that up. She's been running a temp all night & crying & waking up all night. So I'm exhausted.

In spite of her not feeling well, she still smiles & finds to be comic. I took her temp sometime in the middle of the night. The measuring thing that i have, beeps after you run it thru their forehead. She wakes up, hears the beep & says with a smile...Beeep. It was soo funny.Then went back to sleep. Funny. She is still running a temp. I have a headache & am going to eat breakfast. Well that's a quicky for now. Until later mates!!!

Better day!!!

So Andre has stopped throwing up. I figured it was a 24hr virus. He threw up a couple of x's at night bt none the next day. Whew!! Exhausted? Yip!!! He did have a temperature until the evening, but at least he was feeling better. No more seizures!!! Yesterday he was way better & was eating 7 beeing the goofball that he he is. hehe

Thanks alot guys for your prayers. Ireally appreciate that. Until later. I shall post something interesting...hmmm..I'll think about that.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My Weekend!!!

So the BB-Q was cancelled due to the rain. It has been prosponed. Kinda nice that it was, we'ved actually have had a full weekend with Steve being home..well except for taking our pastor't to Munich Germany Sat @ 6am. But it was nice none the less. Sunday we went to church & the Sunday evenings services have been cancelled for the summer. YESSSS!!!

Today is Steve's day off. So we went & shopped for short for Andre. Next week we will shop for Jeans. We ate, came home put the kids down for a nap & then it began......Audrey didn't actually take a nap, probably b/c she fell asleep in the car on ur way back & Andre actually wanted to go to sleep. He is getting out of his naps so I try to give him one every other day. So we tried to wake him up so he wouldn't sleep past 4pm. Knocked out...we could not wake him we tried 1/2hr later & he was burning up. I took him to the living room laid him in the couch took his temp. It was 100.08. As I was taking his temp, he got a fever cramp known as febrial Seizures... This has happened to him 3x's.

This happens when the temperature rises quick. It's scary seeing your child have a seizure, eyes turned up, sking turning blue, reg color, foaming a little bit. It's awful!!! It only last a couple od seconds that seem to be min. So I called Steve...well Yelled his name since he knows what to do. Basically you undress them put them on their side or back & let the cramp take it's course & then he passes out. Or falls asleep immediateley, in this case Andre started snoring. I can't handle seeing this. I left the room & took Audrey with me & Steve let some cool air come in so his temp would go down. When we woke him up to make sure he was ok we gave him so fever reducer & voila!! If he gets too cold then he can also get a cramp. So he fell asleep for another hr. His tem did go down but then the hurling begun...Poor Andre his miserable. So I am sitting here on the couch with him as he throws up & sleeps. I do have a bucket here with me. Hope he can sleep at night. Until later, hope for the best & a good night.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This Friday we will be having a B-BQ for all the children's workers & volunteers & I have been chosen to come up with games for this event. I have no Idea what to plan. It has to be outside games. For all ages...well teenagery & up.

I have the water ballon one where we have a partner & we thow the ballon back & forth as the gap between us is getting bigger & bigger, we did this one in the youth outside 2wks ago & they got wet..I mean they loved it. haha. Any suggestins???