Monday, July 09, 2007

My Weekend!!!

So the BB-Q was cancelled due to the rain. It has been prosponed. Kinda nice that it was, we'ved actually have had a full weekend with Steve being home..well except for taking our pastor't to Munich Germany Sat @ 6am. But it was nice none the less. Sunday we went to church & the Sunday evenings services have been cancelled for the summer. YESSSS!!!

Today is Steve's day off. So we went & shopped for short for Andre. Next week we will shop for Jeans. We ate, came home put the kids down for a nap & then it began......Audrey didn't actually take a nap, probably b/c she fell asleep in the car on ur way back & Andre actually wanted to go to sleep. He is getting out of his naps so I try to give him one every other day. So we tried to wake him up so he wouldn't sleep past 4pm. Knocked out...we could not wake him we tried 1/2hr later & he was burning up. I took him to the living room laid him in the couch took his temp. It was 100.08. As I was taking his temp, he got a fever cramp known as febrial Seizures... This has happened to him 3x's.

This happens when the temperature rises quick. It's scary seeing your child have a seizure, eyes turned up, sking turning blue, reg color, foaming a little bit. It's awful!!! It only last a couple od seconds that seem to be min. So I called Steve...well Yelled his name since he knows what to do. Basically you undress them put them on their side or back & let the cramp take it's course & then he passes out. Or falls asleep immediateley, in this case Andre started snoring. I can't handle seeing this. I left the room & took Audrey with me & Steve let some cool air come in so his temp would go down. When we woke him up to make sure he was ok we gave him so fever reducer & voila!! If he gets too cold then he can also get a cramp. So he fell asleep for another hr. His tem did go down but then the hurling begun...Poor Andre his miserable. So I am sitting here on the couch with him as he throws up & sleeps. I do have a bucket here with me. Hope he can sleep at night. Until later, hope for the best & a good night.


Logziella said...

Oh my Brenda! I could not handle that either!! That poor little boy...I will be praying for him. I am sure glad Steve knows what to do...I have no clue when it comes to that kind of stuff. Hang in there and keep us updated k?

Love you!

Domestic Diva said...

Oh, I remember the first time that happened...freak out! At least Steve was there! Let me know what happens!!!!

Love and prayers,

amazingbrenda said...

Thanks guys, yeah, we prayed..ALOT.. as it was taking it's course. That's right...,Guru was there the 2nd time it happened. We were getting our sewing machines..remember Guru? He is better now. The hurling has seized for the last hr, the temp is gone & now he is sleeping. Thank God!!! So now I am washing throw up clothes & wash cloths, well more like drying them now b/c they have been washed already. hehe.

Amos said...

Oh B renda, I am beleving that all is well in your house. Stupid Devil! He CAN'T have your child no matter how hard he thinks he can try! Healing in the name of Jesus to Andre's body, and a peaceful comfort to you and Steve to know how to handle it. I pray much rest upon your household! Love you!

taking care of 5 said...

Brenda, I will agree with you and Amos for peace and healing. Thank God Steve was there for you and your little one. Keep us posted.

Rock Chef said...

Oh, this sounds awful! Hope things have settled down now.