Sunday, December 10, 2006

some pictures to share

A Christmas Carol

So on Thursday we went to see a musical/play called a Christmas Carol. The story of scrooge. The truth is, I didn't wanna go see it. Hanna, the pastor's daughter kept on asking me for like a week if we wanted to go. So I finally said yes. It was in english performed by English/British people. The cast was of 5 people. We didn't get very good seats cuz we didn't reserve them earlier, but the play in itself was awesome. There were no mic's just the 5 of them playing all the parts. They did an amazing job & ofcourse they could sing. It was the pastor's & their 2 kids, Steve & I. We got a babysitter (a really good babysitter). She came abt 3:30 & then Steve & I left cuz it started at 4pm. Got there abit late b/c it was in another city but not too late.

The play was 2 hrs long w/ an intermission. The cool thing abt it was that you had to ck your coats in. They gave u a card w/a # on it, & then u showed that card at the end & u got your coats back. That was cool. Afterwards we decided to go out, all of us to eat since we were starving. So we went to this Italian restaurant. Supposedely is one of the best in the city of Wels. It was. except for the salad. That was ok. But we had lots of fun. Glad we had a baby sitter who knew what she was doing. She's a keeper!! Ofcourse afterwards I had a massive headache b/c there are no non smoking restaurants so everybody smokes. I heard this is going to change. I hope it's soon.

Then on Friday morning Judy (pastor's wife) she picked me up @ 8:30am to go to the city of "roarbach" abt 1hr away to have breakfast w/ some people from the church that live up there. A church is going to be started up there & some things needed to be talked abt. Then we got back abt 2:30pm & @ 6pm we had ti be at the church for the Bible School Christmas Banquet. That was nice. Saturday I stayed home w/the kiddos, ALL DAY. whew! By 5pm I was sooo exhausted. Quite a busy weekend. then today church. Andre & I watched "The Polar Express" for the 2nd time. He likes it & watches the whole thing w/o getting up. pretty cool. The baby was watching it too...well some parts, she played w/ toys really. We ate Cheetos that we got from the comisary in Germany. That's right there are no American chips here. But that's ok. I forgot how cheezy they were & messy. hehe! But Andre loved them.

Steve just got home from the evening srvce & I'm ready to lay on the couch & watch another episode of Seinfeld. "Theese Pretzel's are making me thirsty" it's a line from one of his episodes & u know..they have t-shirts w/that line on it. There's aso t-shirts that say "Hello Newman". Steve found them on line. Funny the things that he looks for. Ok well I better go now. It's 9:00pm on the dot. See you guys later!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My weekend! or may I say, what a weekend!

Friday Steve took Audrey back to the doctor b/c she was coghing really bad again & had all this mucus junk! UUUGH! So she was on antibioticcs & a decongestant. 2 days after the antibiotics were done she gets the same thing again. Well the doc said she has very narrow bronchial passages, like bronchitis & asthma but is not asthma. it's this junk collecting in the back of her lungs. And she ca't breathe she was back to the wheezing. I took authority over this. I am so done having my kid sick! So he said after 10 days to take her back & they will put her on a breathing treatment. So she's back on meds & to a successful recovery in Jesus Name!!!!

That evening we had a Ladies Christmas Banquet in a town called "Roarbach" an hr away. I must say it was pretty "cold" up there since it was up in the mountain. The dinner was in a hotel that this couple from the church has. There was about 40 something ladies. We had fun. We had 3 dishes to choose from. I chose the chicken as did many others & it was sooooo salty. OMG you couldn't even eat that. Although the other dishes I hard were pretty good.

Saturday I was extremely tired cuz we got home @ 1:30 & then Audrey woke up 1x in the middle of the night. Then @ 6:15. What the heck!!! Then well she wasn't feeling well all day. But I managed to do all the laundry & clean since on Sunday after church we were going my MIL"S blah!

I enjoy going to Canton, it's really pretty down there, it's just that my MIL can't handle children & stresses about every little move they make. I felt like smacking her & shaking her & telling her to stop "shitting bricks" excuse me but I had enough for 1 day. Bob is cool & Lindi well she's soo controlled by my MIL that she just sits there like a person in a nutshell & can't get out. But she's cool. She expect Andre to act like an adult. His 2 lady!!! & of course his going to be curious abt touching stuff. That is why we are his parents & teach him & tell him NOT to touch specially Omas' pretty's well is mostly crap what she has. Any way, Andre touched a little packet of cleenex as I told him not to touch she slaps him in the hand & yells to him to touch anythng in this room!!. Those were her exact word.s I was pissed, FURIOUS & almost blurted out something but I knew I needed to control my self b/c it was not going to be nice.

I told Steve he better step up & defend his family next time & tell her to relax & that we are taking care of getting on to our children. Other wise I will tell her not to ever touch my children plus some more. I didn't talk the rest of the evning or nxt day. I just let her rattle her mouth & made sure that me & the kids were out of her sight & way. Soo boring. So instead of Staying till Tuesday we left Monday evening! Thank God!! Besides it was freaking cold in the rooms where we slept which were the bed & brkfst rooms in the second floor. The pipes had frozen 2 wks ago &b the heating system didn't work so we had heaters. You needed layers to sleep. Mind you it was in the 20's & the house is made out of brick..that's it! It hurt just to sit in the toilet b/c it was soo cold.

So this was my weekend! rrrrrr.
:) happy dance that we're back!!! It was nice reading all of your blogs & ckg my emails again! I hope u guys read this!