Sunday, December 10, 2006

some pictures to share


Logziella said...

Audrey is SOOO cute! I love her beautiful dark hair and the bows...too cute!

Awesome crapbook page too!


Keep posting picures :-)

Amos said...

Oh my goodness Brenda she looks like such a little lady. They grow way too fast. And beautiful page as always.

Sounds like your weekend was full of activity. I am glad that you are feeling more comfortable over there.
Love you guys, miss you!

Moore Life said...

hi brenda. missy connected me with your blog. sorry we've been out of touch, but i've checked your web site often to see what's up. the kids are beautiful.

check out our blog when you can.

lisa moore

scrapbookingguru said...

I am glad you posted those pics...what happened to the one in the bathtub...:)

Just kidding!


amazingbrenda said...

lol, guru. Ok I guess I'll post it. I'll have to tell the story. hmmm le me think which one it was. haha!

Logziella said...

Hey...what happened to your guy's family website??

Logziella said...

Hey...what happened to your guy's family website??

amazingbrenda said...

Steve's looking into it.

Logziella said...

Hey Amazing!
I got your Christmas Card...LOVED IT!! I am sorry I didn't send one to you...I was severly intimidated about the European address thing! Stupid I know!

Mine was quite saw it on my blog...not enough energy to made anything extravagant this year...maybe next year.

Love you and I pray that you all have a GREAT Christmas!