Friday, March 30, 2007


So this morning about an hr after we ate breakfast...Andre decides to go potty. I am in the shower & Steve is getting ready for work. I hear this little words come out of my 3yr old sons mouth:

ok you realize he went #2. When he goes potty we tell him to tap tap tap (means to clean his talli wacker) So he says:
THAT'S BIG!!!...NASTY.. TAP.. TAP.. TAP. Ofcourse Steve goes & wipes him. We celebrate with a reward for going #2 on the potty. You see..Andre tends to go #2 once he is down for his afternoon nap. So it happens mostly on his pull up. Unless ofcourse it's during the day. So that is a good laugh to start the day with.

Audrey...well , she can't help it but ...she loves books 7 wants us to read them to her like 100x's a day. Which is good. So here u have it a picture of Audrey 7 one of her many books. Sitting in her chair.

The second picture is Super Man on the wall according to Andre.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can u guess what this is???

I know it looks gross. But it's not at all. It's a thing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can u guess what this means!!!

So last night Steve starts laughing & asks me if I know what it says on this bottle. It's a hand soap that we bought I don't know where but it smells good. The title of this hands soap is "Dusch Das". Can u guess what it means in english??? I'll give u the answer tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i'm bored.....'s more like i'm extremeley tired. It has been raining w/snow for the past 2 days so it's been kinda gloomy. My throat started hurting last night & it felt like junk was begining to collect. I have no energy. I do have a major headache. I have done nothing major around the house. I did put a load of laundry in the washer.'s still in the washer 5hrs I better put it in the dryer. I made lunch...a disaster lunch due to constant disctractions from the kids...but I think I salvaged it...I don't know how but it turned out ok. I gave both kids a bath & cut Andre's hair. I took a nap w/ the kids. And now Steve is putting some rolls int he oven...making some soup & off to a 6 o'clock meeting.

I was thinking that maybe I should continue painting...maybe I'll get out of this feeling gloomy day & regain some energy. So not much happening. Audrey is cutting more 3 molers...NOT fun. One started cutting thru her gums on far we have had 3 nights if Audrey waking up b/c of this & ofcourse the snot just don't stop running & now the cough. BUt she will get better. So that is my Tuesday in a nutshell. Now I am going to eat dinner cuz them rolls are nice & hot...mmmmmm.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not much to blog about...or is there?

This week I finally decided that I really have to paint the walls in the apt. Specially the dining area since they look pretty yellow & haven't been painted in yrs. That's a whole nother subject. arrrrrgh! The truth my own little opinion in my little world of mine, I don't think that the the tenants should paint the apt. (Welcome to our culture differences) The landlord should do it or hire someone to do it. Painting is not in my vocabulary yet. I have spent too much fixing & painting our house before we sold it to relocate & trust me, moving into an apt where I HAVE to do the work is no fun.

First of all who builts a flat w/ some soft walls & some TEXTURED. The textured walls are AWFULL to paint & you can get hurt (scrape) your hands & any part of your body as soon as you touch it. These textured walls are the worst to paint. Dust collects in all the holes & or creases. I only plan on giving it 1coat. Mind you, only one coat applies to the soft walls NOT the textured!!!! I found this out on Tuesday night!!!! AUUUUGGHH!!!

It's going to take days maybe even weeks to paint the hallways, entry ways, dining area & the kitchen. Problem is...once u have put some white paint you have to give it more coats cuz it's yellow of dirt. Yah..a small piece pf wall took me
2 1/2hrs to paint. & that was only 1 coat. It sucks the paint in like nobody's business. But, I have to say it looks clean...well alittle bit. Major difference.

I'm glad I'm not having Andre's b-day party till next Sat. Maybe I will have 2 walls painted by then. & that is it!!! It bugs me everytime I look at it. I MUST FINISH IT & PRONTO!!! Well that's my life in a nutshell. Hasta la vista readers of mine!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm back

Yes..that is right. I am back. With major jet lag. But I am glad to be home. To my own bed. Although I liked my moms bed better. The flights were good. Had a 3 1/2hr lay over in Atlanta. But it wasn't too bad.

Can u say FAVOR!!!!!
As I was waiting in my gate for departure. The counter lady got there & I asked if I could get my seat chnged to one empty next to me. She found one & gave me a new boarding pass. Then there came another gentlemen to help her at the counter. I was seating next to the counter. He eventually started talking to Audrey & started telling me he had a 2yr old at home & missed her & loved her very much. He has 3 children, hjis youngest one is 2. We started talking about my trip & ends up he was born in T.J (Tijuana) lived in SD & Guadalajara. I told him I was from SD, lived in TJ & my mom was from Guadalajara. How small is this wrld isn't it? Then he started doing something in the computer & told me to come, he had found me a better seat for me & Audrey. He totally went out of his way w/o me asking him. Then he gave me a new boarding pass, countinued to type & talk to me. Eventyually he said he was trying to find me n even better seat for me & Audrey so she could lay down to sleep. FAVOR people. I'm telling u I am God's favorite child. So he found me a 3 row seat all for me. I was the only one in the aircraft with 2 empty seats next to me. The 5 min before they started boarding he gives me a new boarding pass & tells me to go with him to the gate. He carries all of my stuff thru 3 doors into the aircraft & helps me put all my stuff away too. FAVOR!!!! SO I was the 1st one in the aircraft besides the stuartdist. (is that how u spell it) Whom were very helpful & super nice. I give them all a 10.

So yeah, I got to enjoy my 3row seat in the back. Audrey got to lay down & take a nap & sleep. Although I did not pay for Audrey's seat, I got a whole 2 meals for her. Dinner & breakfast! Is that awesome or what! Praise God. God is faithful!!!

So now I got to go & feed my childeren whom are very hungry & Audrey who is both, hungry & tired. Aufwiedersein! Ciao!!