Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm back

Yes..that is right. I am back. With major jet lag. But I am glad to be home. To my own bed. Although I liked my moms bed better. The flights were good. Had a 3 1/2hr lay over in Atlanta. But it wasn't too bad.

Can u say FAVOR!!!!!
As I was waiting in my gate for departure. The counter lady got there & I asked if I could get my seat chnged to one empty next to me. She found one & gave me a new boarding pass. Then there came another gentlemen to help her at the counter. I was seating next to the counter. He eventually started talking to Audrey & started telling me he had a 2yr old at home & missed her & loved her very much. He has 3 children, hjis youngest one is 2. We started talking about my trip & ends up he was born in T.J (Tijuana) lived in SD & Guadalajara. I told him I was from SD, lived in TJ & my mom was from Guadalajara. How small is this wrld isn't it? Then he started doing something in the computer & told me to come, he had found me a better seat for me & Audrey. He totally went out of his way w/o me asking him. Then he gave me a new boarding pass, countinued to type & talk to me. Eventyually he said he was trying to find me n even better seat for me & Audrey so she could lay down to sleep. FAVOR people. I'm telling u I am God's favorite child. So he found me a 3 row seat all for me. I was the only one in the aircraft with 2 empty seats next to me. The 5 min before they started boarding he gives me a new boarding pass & tells me to go with him to the gate. He carries all of my stuff thru 3 doors into the aircraft & helps me put all my stuff away too. FAVOR!!!! SO I was the 1st one in the aircraft besides the stuartdist. (is that how u spell it) Whom were very helpful & super nice. I give them all a 10.

So yeah, I got to enjoy my 3row seat in the back. Audrey got to lay down & take a nap & sleep. Although I did not pay for Audrey's seat, I got a whole 2 meals for her. Dinner & breakfast! Is that awesome or what! Praise God. God is faithful!!!

So now I got to go & feed my childeren whom are very hungry & Audrey who is both, hungry & tired. Aufwiedersein! Ciao!!


John said...

Welcome back!

Good things happen to good people!

Amos said...

Awesome B renda. How sweet FAVOR is that! God is so faithful to those that serve Him! But, I have to say, I MISS YOU!!!!! Come back. Ok, do what God has for you and I will just suck it up. Was an awesome time with everyone. Can't wait for it to happen again.

scrapbookingguru said...

God is FAITHFUL.....What a blessing that was to hear! Thanks for sharing....
I miss you so much already:(

It was a short time....I love you!!!!!!!


Logziella said...

That is so awesome!! It was SO good to see you again!! I can't wait for our next excursion!