Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally a "New Dishwasher"!!!!

So, since we moved to this apt. The dishwasher has been having issues. We did mention it to the landlord. He kinda told us what we needed to do. Now, mind u the prev. renters (Dan & Charity? said there was a problem w/ it. Besides, a normal dishwasher does "NOT" take 5hrs to run. That's right it started with 4 & then 5hrs & then the whole day &'s pretty much broken. We know some things run slow in other countries, but dishwashers are no different.

So we called the landlord, but could not come b/c he was on vacation at some therapy spa. How nice would that be to go to one. As soon as he got back he shows up & rings the doorbell. We thought he might call on his way or something. Nope, he rings the doorbell & well we know he is here. A little warning would be nice. Mind you it's no the 1st time his just showed up. Some people here don't know that it's polite to call beforehand. Oh learn to be ready at all times. Ok, back to my story he ckd it out, not very long & knew right away that..yip it's broken. So Steve & him went to pick out a new dishwasher right away. YAY!!! The landlord is a really super nice man. He wants to make sure that we let him now if we need anything. Can u say "Favour" I had cleaned the dishwasher from the inside really really good & for a week had been washing dishes by hand. Glad it wasn't longer.

Steve takes it out that day. Well I helped him. I didn't realize how heavy it was. My back was hurting a bit, but nothing serious. So the old dishwasher is sitting by our door step & stairway. The company down the block where they bought it from was going to bring it the next morning. The landlord specified that 2men come to deliver it & bring it upstairs, since they had to take the old one as well. They said they would call before delivering it, which they did. But what they told Steve was that they would deliver it in 2 hrs. So not what happened. 1/2 an hr later the door bell rings, 5min after Steve went to work & it's 1 guy delivering the dishwasher. That's right he needed my help. OMG!!! what do I do. I have 2 kids upstairs. Dang it! why did Steve have to leave right now.

So I locked the kids inside & helped the guy take it down stairs. OUCH!! That was heavy, plus on top of it I had to help him carry the new one upstairs. By the end of the day my back was really hurting. But I prayed & it's better now. So I caloled Steve & told him what happened. Long story short. We got a really nice dishwasher. Worth 1,000Euros. Steve came home & installed our new dishwasher. It's so nice & spacious & you can hardly hear it when it runs. So nice.
SO here are some pictueres of the new dishwasher & handi husband that needed a haircut..installing it.


Logziella said...

That's good news!!

Our dishwasher puked out on us about a year and 1/2 ago and we bought one that says right on it "Quiet Series" and it's the loudest dishwasher we have even owned!! :0)

Moore Life said...

i can only imagine the kind of adjustments you've had to make being in a different country. i think my therapy would be a trip to IKEA. i remember when i was in singapore, it took 5 hours just to dry 1 load of laundry. i'll see you at WBS. i arrive on saturday the 17 and leave on wednesday the 21. i'll be looking for you.

John said...

My wife will not have a dishwasher, prefering to do it the old fashioned way - which often means getting me to do it. :-)

John said...

Are you still playing with the dishwasher? What happened next?