Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The answer!!

Ok...John thanks for noticing, lol!. I did edited my blog..eek!

Ok so the elevator was invented by a man called Otis in 1861 in NY. So the answer was "C" & "C".

Ready for another one???

Thanks Moore-life. I did take up ur suggestions. Thing was I didn't know quite how to change it for the longest time. Then again i didn't really take the time to really ck it out. ;-)

Logzie..I had to edit my blog for the 2nd time. The 1st time was b/c i had 2 "b"s. NY was supposed to be "C" & I had it as another "B". So u may or may not be THE winner. haha! Thanks for playing my game. I shall post another one. Later today!!

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Logziella said...

I was thinking New York b/c they wre probably the city with the tallest buildings and the most need for an elevator and I picked the lastest date possible...So, yes I was trying for New York.