Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Who wants to be a millionaire???

no cheating allowed. So we have come up with a game for the youth right. Like who wants to be a millionaire. So I have been writing some questins down that we can do with the youth. So I decided to ck out my friends intelligence, haha. I have posted 2 questions for u guys. No internet, book, encyclopedia searching allowed ok?

When was the first elevator invented?

a) 1902 c) 1861
b) 1879 d)1885

In what state was it invented?

a) Pennsylvania c) New York
b) New Jersey d) California


Logziella said...

Ok...here's my 'guesses'...


This IS FUN!!

amazingbrenda said...
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Amos said...

I Guess

1. D
2. C

John said...

You're making this up! When did Pennsylvania and and California become cities? :-)

Anyway, I would go for 1902 in New York.

amazingbrenda said...

oops..I guess I better learn my geography..hihi!

Moore Life said...

I LOVE THE NEW WEB SITE DESIGN! it's so easy to read. thanks for utilizing my suggestion. or, maybe it wasn't my suggestion that prompted the change. regardless, i like it.

scrapbookingguru said...

What...she posted what states...not cities...unless she edited that portion and I am a day behind...which is very likely!

New York, 1902....:)