Friday, September 05, 2008

It can't get any worse than this...

Okay, so Andre started Kindergarten this Wednesday. He's really excited about his class & his teachers. What's even more exciting, is him getting to wear his green fake crocks- house shoes at kindergarten. When the kids are dropped off in their class room they have to take off their regular shoes & wear house shoes inside the class. Today he was so excited to wear them that he didn't even say bye. Well Steve dropped him off, I didn't.

Here's the real story.. yesterday morning I was running some errands, buying a shower curtain/ rod, door matt & groceries. After I was done with that I was going to pick Andre up from Kindergarten, I had plenty of time. I stopped by the old apt, picked up a few other things, headed toward his Kindergarten. Missed the turn to the back way- short way, Kept driving trying to turn around somewhere since there's just fields & fields of crop out in the country, I couldn't really see where I could turn. So about 100 feet I found a spot where I could turn. As I'm turning around Audrey screams, freaks me out & missed part of the turn & ended up in a ditch. YIP a DITCH. Left side of the car was on the ground, right side on the ditch. I couldn't back up or turn or get out. As I am thinking about what just happened I am thinking... I can't believe this is happening to me. I called Steve, I didn't know if I was supposed to be calm, cry or laugh, so I just laughed. 3 different gentlemen stop by & asked if I needed help. One of them tried to pull the car out but it was stuck. The others well I just told them in the best German I could- my husband comes (meine mann kommst).

1 minute before Steve shows up with another friend & the pastor, this farmer lady- stocky dirty friendly looking pulls up in a Land Rover, backs up in the middle of the street, well blocked the street. She pulled out a long big flat rope, attached it to her's & mine jack. Steve pulls up gets in the car, I am busting out laughing because I'm so nervous & embarrassed that this happened to me. Anyways- Voila!!! it only took 10 seconds to pull the car out.

The car was pulled out, lady was gone in a flash, I didn't even get to say Thank you, Steve did. The bottom plastic of the front of the car is a little pulled out, but nothing major happened Thank God. When they all arrived we were talking about taking a picture. Well we forgot about it, since it all happened so fast & still had to pick Andre up from KG. I will however go back & take a picture of the spot where it happened.

Crazy, the reason why Audrey screamed was because she got frustrated with the window shade, can you belive it! Is she would stop messing with it it wouldn't be in her face. Funny story, when Andre got his surgery Last Nov, Steve was coming to the hospital to pick us up & Audrey was talking to herself & screamed out of excitement I guess & freaked Steve out that he hit a sign with the passengers rear view mirror. The mirror. We had to replace it. Thank God it didn't cost that much. It's not typical but it happened. hehe.

So today as I was getting out of the small elevator, pulling the folded stroller out of the elevator. Steve & Audrey were already out & I almost fell backwards down the stairs that lead to the basement. I don't know how I didn't see that. Usually there's a chain that closing it off, but not this time. So we walk in the city & grab a coffee then Steve heads off to work.

I go to the grocery store across the flat & as I'm getting ready to pay, my apples fell out of the plastic bag, unto the conveyor belt & floor in all directions. So as I'm putting the apples in the bag I bend down to pick up the other ones from the floor I lost my balance & I almost fell backwards well I bumped into a shelve behind me. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Is this Deja'vou or what? This crazy life of mine. Well tomorrow we will be going to the fair that's going on in the city. We shall enjoy the stroll around the city & the crowds of clusterphobic people there. We have a great view from our living room window in the 13th floor. At night the city looks very nice & the Ferris wheel & rides look awesome! Last Saturday they had fireworks & the view was amazing!! We started singing the American National Anthem. haha. Maybe tomorrow night they will have fireworks again. That's all folks for today. Wow, 2 posts in 1 week.