Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can u guess what this is???

I know it looks gross. But it's not at all. It's a thing.


John said...

Hm Babelfish can't help with this one!

I think it is an egg yolk in a spoon.

Or someone doing something really vile with their eye lid?

Logziella said...

I was going to say the inside of an eyelid...but John beat me to it. :0)

scrapbookingguru said...

Sea erchin intestines? I just had some for Valentines day....yummmmmm, NOT!

amazingbrenda said...

OK you guys are looking at the bottom of a coca cola glass. I would of shown the picture from a different angle but t would of been to obvious. haha.

If I would of guesses. I would have also said,,,an EGG. raw egg..yuck!!haha

John said...

Sea erchin inntestines? You cannot be serious!