Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not much to blog about...or is there?

This week I finally decided that I really have to paint the walls in the apt. Specially the dining area since they look pretty yellow & haven't been painted in yrs. That's a whole nother subject. arrrrrgh! The truth my own little opinion in my little world of mine, I don't think that the the tenants should paint the apt. (Welcome to our culture differences) The landlord should do it or hire someone to do it. Painting is not in my vocabulary yet. I have spent too much fixing & painting our house before we sold it to relocate & trust me, moving into an apt where I HAVE to do the work is no fun.

First of all who builts a flat w/ some soft walls & some TEXTURED. The textured walls are AWFULL to paint & you can get hurt (scrape) your hands & any part of your body as soon as you touch it. These textured walls are the worst to paint. Dust collects in all the holes & or creases. I only plan on giving it 1coat. Mind you, only one coat applies to the soft walls NOT the textured!!!! I found this out on Tuesday night!!!! AUUUUGGHH!!!

It's going to take days maybe even weeks to paint the hallways, entry ways, dining area & the kitchen. Problem is...once u have put some white paint you have to give it more coats cuz it's yellow of dirt. Yah..a small piece pf wall took me
2 1/2hrs to paint. & that was only 1 coat. It sucks the paint in like nobody's business. But, I have to say it looks clean...well alittle bit. Major difference.

I'm glad I'm not having Andre's b-day party till next Sat. Maybe I will have 2 walls painted by then. & that is it!!! It bugs me everytime I look at it. I MUST FINISH IT & PRONTO!!! Well that's my life in a nutshell. Hasta la vista readers of mine!!


John said...

I remember one place we lived in where the first 3 coats of paint just got sucked into the wall. And it was not cheap watery paint either!

I guess the problem with asking the landlord to arrange the painting is that you have to accept whatever he puts on the walls :-(

Amos said...

What did Guru do to us? Seriously, I think that all of us came home with an itch to paint and decorate! I already almost completed my laundry room and next it is on to the kitchen. I feel your pain. Why can't the sheetrockers here just learn to have smooth walls and not textured. Oh yeah, because it would be more work, which they don't want to DO!!!! At least you get to improve it some and it will probably feel a little more like home. Hope it goes quicker and quicker each time you start! Love you, Miss you!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

yip. I agree with u John. These concrete walls sure do suck it up. I will post why the walls were never painted by the 2 prev renters.

It's just that I already want to put up my decorations that are collecting dust b/c of being stashed, arrr. yah Amos, I gues all the creativity we indulged in, really made me want to make my house look nice. ;)

scrapbookingguru said...

Don't cry shop girl!!!!! I love you and I wish that I could be there to help you!!!!!

I hope you have a fun birthday party for Andre....:( I wish we were there to celebrate. :)

Moore Life said...

hey brenda. so glad you returned home to Austria safely and the wonderful testimony of God's favor on the airplane.

I, too, am getting a little anxious to start painting my bedroom. Our home was very well painted when we moved in, but my bedroom is an earthtone taupe color and it's so boring! i want to paint it the same color i had in our house in oklahoma. it was a lilac purple with black accents. maybe this spring i'll get to doing that.