Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Funny things my 2 yr old says

here's some of the things Dre had to say lately:

"open the boor" (door)
"I want corn juice!" (orange juice)
"yea - poo-poo" (from outside the door when he hears you going potty)
"yea - Tandy" (candy - as a reward for going poo-poo)
"soffy, mommy/daddy" (sorry)
"tareful" (be careful)
"daddy finger in nose - yucky!"
"moowie" (movie)
"choo - choo tain" (thomas the train)
"oh nooooo" (when his baby sister has spit up somewhere)
"babutts" (pull-ups)
"shirt-off" (why is the neighbor mowing his yard without a shirt"
"eagles" (the Wiggles)
"Hindy" (my sister Lindi)
"tik it da mahn" (stick it to the man)
"poonnnnn" (spoon)
"pewuuuh - baby poo-poo"
"tside" - (let's go outside)
"sing!" (I want to get on the swing)
"mommy/daddy hug!" (I'm very sorry about what I just did that got me in trouble)
"ann-one" (I'm all done with dinner)
"pow-pow bzzzz" (I'm getting the fly-swatter and taking care of this annoying insect)

hope you like these, and they made you smile!


Somebody's Nobody said...

Hey friend!
You are so sweet. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I sent you an invite to joint my blog at the office@...address. I didn't know if that was Steve's or your family's or what. I miss you girl. I hope you are doing okay over there. Just watch our Sonic video we made if you are ever feeling sad. Actually I don't know if that will help any. That was a pretty sad representation as well. Love you!

scrapbookingguru said...

Thanks for the beer!!!

Logziella said...

This was SO cute! Chuck & I were laughing so hard. I am glad you are enjoying it over there...after an adjustment period of course.

I miss you!

P.S.-post some pictures of the kiddos when you get a minute.

amazingbrenda said...

What Beer? Shhh don't tell anybody...hehe

I will send you an email so you can have my email add. Love ya too! Oh yeah, that reminds me I have to make copies for you all. ;)

Mother T. I will post pic's as soon as Steve updates our website. It's kind'a crazy, really really busy. :) Love ya!