Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Blog About Nothing

I've been racking my brain since yesterday trying to decide what to blog about and....nothing...absoluteley nothing comes to mind...hmmm..still nothing..

How about shoes.....hmmm nah..how about my baby (Audrey) has the chicken pox & an infection w/ a bad cough & cold that has been making her throw up. :x Yess. poor baby, she almost had to go to the emergency room if Steve would'nt of taken her to the Doc yesterday. So they gave her a decongestions, antibiotic & a suppository for all that junk. (2 day suppository) Thank God! whew. She is still having a hard time napping bc her chest hurts & can't breathe. But I can tell she is getting better bc she did not throw up yesterday & she is not coughing like all of her insides are coming out. Still very clingy but this too shall pass.

I did not know she had the Chicken Pox until this morning. Fisrt I thought they were mosquito bites, but this morning there was more spots on her little face, ears, hands & arms. I guess I better find out what she needs for this. Better than she gets them now than later..maybe Andre can get them too & then It will really be over ;)

Well I better go see what's p w/ Audrey she's crying up a storm :o


Somebody's Nobody said...

Friend--raw deal!! What is up with everyone's bad bad days? I am so sorry about little Audrey. I suppose they don't have Vicks plug ins there. If they do go get one. It always helps the kids when they are all crooped up. They are like Glade Plug-ins except you put an insert in with Vicks vaporub in them. Love you girl! I really hope you are doing better.

scrapbookingguru said...

Wow...the chicken pox...must be all the corn fields around!

You did not email your "I need this list"....

Glad Audrey is doing better...Andre will be the tough one b/c he will probally want to scratch:( Wish I was there..

Amos said...

Well, welcome to medical Week! Man, we are all set out to see every doc all over the world!! Seriously! Mojo in Canada, you in Austria, and the whole US practically! Goodness, I guess we will all be stomping next week when we are well getting back what was stolen!!!

Hey B renda, just post the I need list online that way I know too. Would love to send you a care package! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Chicken pox with kids stink..but at least you're getting done and over with now. Obi, and both kids had it this spring..it was miserable for everyone involved. There isn't much you can do. There is a prescription some doctors prescribe, but you have to get it before you get more than about 10 spots showing up. If not...Motrin, Tylenol, an antihistamine..like benydryl, Triaminic worked best for my kids, but, all kid are different. We bought some calamine lotion, but that really didn't do much for the kids at all. The antihistamine worked better. Hope this passes quickly for you guys.

amazingbrenda said...

Yah that does stink. Man all 3. Well..I'll have to see what they give me here, since they aren't so into giving out that much medicine. But maybe the doc can give her something. Man I wish I was in the States to buy medicine off the counter. Oh well.