Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A great day!

Ok. so I will not write the rest of what happened last week b/c it's Tuesday already & it sure was a busy but fun week. I will however talk about my last 2 days.

Yesterday was Steve's day off, so we decided to go for a drive. We went to Lienz a city about 20 min away. That is where IKEA is. So we decided to got to IKEA & sit in the food court to feeed Audrey since it was noon already & had Andre play in the play area. It's actually a really cool play area for the kids. They have a slide a wood track with wood trains & trucks, stuffed animals etc. We have become memebers of IKEA, does not cost anything & once you sign up, you get this card in the mail & you can go anytime during the week & you get free cup of coffee. So that's what we did. They have good inexpensive food & pastries. I love it! b/c u the kids can play & you can drink your coffe.

So now..Andre asks for Judy everyday.This is the pastor's wife. He tells me everyday "go see Judy?" & runs to get his shoes. It's so funny. So yesterday we told him we would call her so he could say hi & we did. She is really nice & loves children & my kids so that's a blessing. Wait..this phonecall turned into a bigger BLESSING! She asked me to bring Andre over & to leave the carseat. So I assured her this is not why we called but if it was not a problem with her he would love it. They live in the country & right up the street there are sheep & chickens, so we take hime to see them almost everytime we go over. She takes him outside & plays with him. That's just soo awesome & so God!

Ok, back to my story. We get there & talked for a little bit. Peter Robertson was there. The guy from Australia. He has been traveling around AT, but is staying with the Lambert's. Totally cool funny guy. So it turned out that Steve ended up taking Peter to the city so Judy wouldn't have too. I stayed with Judy & we just talked the whole day & laughed! Then Judy asked me if I wanted to leave the kids there & me & Steve go out, instead of Thursday. I said sure, however I did not have enough diapers for the rest of the day. Long story short. Steve came back w/o Peter went back to get diapers & then to pick up Peter. Then she said to just leave the kids overnight so we wouldn't have to wake them up. OMG!!! I can sl eep in! Yessss! Pastor Fred was in a meeting all day & wanted to just hangout with everybody. So we ended up staying & eating dinner there talked & laughed..it's so funny when you have a guest speaker & pastor together. They have the funniest stories. so we laughed all night, then watched Ocean's 12. Then it was past midnight. OMG!! I can't belive we stayed that late. But it was a great time of fllowship. We wwnt home w/o the kids. Came back in the morning to pick them up. Stayed for 2 more hrs. Funny how there's soo much to talk about. Then we came home.

1hr later Hanna call me, the daughter & asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with them since she's looking for jeans. She didn't want her mom to help her pick them out, you know teenagers. Funny. So I said sure. Then she text me several times & said why don't you all come so Peter wont be alone. lol. So that's probably the catch. So all did. The boys went to this other mall across the street & we went to look at boots. Cool, ends up Judy bought me a pair of boots that were on sale. Totally not expected. They are not real leather but they are nice. PRAISE GOD!!!! I really wanted a pair & was going to get some but I had to wait a little bit longer specially since you have to look around for the right kind. But this was the coolest! She said she wantd to get them for me for my b-day! My b-day was over 2 mo ago. I assured her she did not need to do this & she said she wanted to get them for her friend. (me) What a blessing to know that we can get along with the pastor's & hook up with their vision. ok thanks for reading this book! hehe!


Logziella said...

Thanks awesome Brenda! Glad you got an overnight break!

Awe...I want a "Judy"!!!!


scrapbookingguru said...

You go girl...It is an answer to my prayers that you find a fun friend...not to replace me of course, but to keep you company while we are apart. LOL

What a blessing about the boots. YOu have wanted some for awhile. Steve told me yesterday about how much Andre loves Judy!!! She can be there stand in G-ma!!!

Yea for you :0)

Somebody's Nobody said...

Glad you have had a wonderful week. I've been thinking of you!


amazingbrenda said...

Thanks guys. I will ppost a pic of my boots so u can see them.