Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poop snow & the rest of my week

Good morning to you Austrian residents. We greet you with poop snow. Yip it's dfef. winter I guess. The temp is gowing down gradually & quite rapidly this week here. It really has been nice. Maybe it will warm up & back to fall weather. Or not. U know once it snows in the mountains it stays cold. Brrrrrrr! Is all I have to say & hope that my winter clothes arive this week!!!

Well today I have to major grocery shop. That means I have to go to 3-4 stores betwen 4pm- 7:30pm. before they close. Then we might go tot Metro. Metro is like a "Sams". I sill havent gone. Hanna is going to watch the kids tonight & spend the night since she doesn't have school tomorrow. So maybe instead of a date we might just go to Metro. We did wanted to carve pumkins as well. We'll see how that goes today. Oh how I wish Steve was off today. Yesterday was a national holiday so everybody's off & everything is closed. UGH! Bummer. I could of done my grocery shopping yesterday. But oh well. How I miss Wal-Mart. hehe!!

I have major cleanig to do. I sort of did some cleaning yesterday. But I ahve to clean my ceilings & clean out all spider webs. Since tomorrow night I will be speaking at this lady's fellowship & Sat we are having a babyshower here in my flat. I don't want to be rushed so I want to do all my shopping today. I might have to get the gift tomorrow. Well that's pretty much all for right now. I really need to take a shower, dang it!! I have to wait til Steve comes home for lunch. AAAAUUUGHH! Ok well smell you later!!

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