Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So last weekend was a blur. It was busy but fun. I did good on the lady's fellowship. So they told me. Everybody said they liked what I shared. Some said it ministered to them. So that was good to hear.
Saturday Iw as running crazy like a chicken with no head. But the babyshower turned out a success. Babyshowers are not a common thing here in Europe so everybody that cam had lots of fun & stayed late too. It was a good way of getting to know more people. This is something that the church will start doing for all the first time moms. That;s cool. Yeh church pays for the food & we host it or whomever has space in their home or wants to do it. hehe! So that's cool.

Well Saturday night when Steve came home Audrey started throwing up. Well the first time right before he got int he car. & 2 more times in the middle of the night. UUUUUGGGHHH!! What is this. So ofcourse we changed sheets, clothes etc. The morning came she was as happy as coud be. Did not eat much but she did. Then she had the runniest poop that could run up her back. So I gave her a bath, then we went to church. I thought she was over this. So then Steve starts with the runs right before we get to church. & During church. But it got better. After church Audrey threw up again. She did however drank all her bottle. hmmm.

Yip that was the start of this DANG virus. So Steve went to bed as soon as we got home. 1 hr later the hurling begun. GREAT!!! BUt Audrey din't any more. She did not take any solids yesterday but did drink her milk. Then later in the afternoon she had a runny diaper again. 2x's. Great!! But she was happy all day until the evening. Good thing it was getting closer to bed time. Then a 5:30 am she wakes up crying. But gladly, she went back to sleep til 8am. She woke up sooo hungry. She ate her breakfast, no dairies drank her bottle & 2 hrs later she hurled again..all over the rug in the kitchen floor. So I clean her up change her clothes, still doing laundry. Then Andre starts with the runs. UUUUGGGHH!!! I can take it any more. My house smells like crap!!! literally. Then Audrey had a HUGE I mean HUGE runny diaper. Went through all her back, onesie, shirt, jeans & sox. Good thing Steve was here during his lunch to give her a bath. Man I am exhausted & I have a headache, for 2 days now. I need a break.

My house is a wreck, it seems like I'm never going to finish doing laundry & then there's my favorite part..putting the DANG clothes away!! I need a house keeper for a day...hmmm well more like my mom. I hope this is over soon. This DUMB virus has to go in Jesus Name!!!

Ok so there you have it. I guess I better go clean my kitchen now.


scrapbookingguru said...

Maybe the poop snow brought about the POOP!!!!

I am glad you describe the smell of your home!!! Nice thoughts are running through my head...

Love you!!!! MIss you, would love to help you clean!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

haha. Yeah maybe. Although the snow turned out to be a 3 day snow. Hmmmm.maybe that's what happened.

I really need to get some candles. haha!!

Amos said...

So sorry to hear it B renda. Ryan hurled on Saturday but only once. Turned out to be an ear infection. It sure stinks when that happens. But I hope that all of you are doing well now. I don't know about you, but once it is done, even though I am exhausted I want to disinfect the world! And get that dang thing out of my house! Believing you are all better!

Logziella said...

sounds like a crappy time for you...HA get it?

Sorry, I shouldn't joke, I hate those days when kiddos are sick!

Hope things are better now!