Friday, October 27, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Lateley, I have been pretty busy. Well, yes & no. We'ved had A guest speaker come from Australia. He mainly focuses & ministers in praise & worship. He's cool. Well that was last weekend. My busy week started like this. Last Thursday, for the first time in maybe half a year Steve & I went out on a date. Hanna which is the pastor's daughter watched the kids. Well, basically put them to bed. we had a really nice time. We went to an Italian restauratn in downtown Wels. I had a Calzone, oh my, this was the biggest, humongous, gigantic, calzone I have ever seen. It was so funny. It was as big as the largest pizza you can buy folded in half. MMMMMMMM...yummy. Better than Zio's. Yip. there you go I said it. I love Zio's but this was better than the calzone at Zio's. it's a serving for 3 people. So here is a pic of it.

Friday, we have Bible School. I was helping out with the children, but there weren't that many so I went home. I think that was last Friday. hehe! Then on Saturday, this girl from our church came over her mane is Petra. She is pregnant, due in like 2 wks. Her husband is in bible school, so she gets bored, just like I do. So she came over, about almost noon. She brought some yummy pastries. We had a good time. It was nice to get to know somebody else from church. Now I have to say, nobody has better pastries than here in Europe. Then, later that afternoon Petra & Inwere going to go for a walk with this other girl named Anna, but the kids were still taking a nap & I didn't have the car seats. Steve was at the church teachig in BS. Then my phone was out of minutes. I could recieve calls but could not make calls I didn't know cuz i didn't understand what the the message was saying in German.haha! I thought the phone was dropping my calls. Kinda funny huh! So I had Petra listen to it & that's how I found out. Petra had to leave to pick up her husband & I could not go b/c of this, Anna called me. She said she would pick me up. Somehow in between me telling Anna to call Steve & have him to call me it all worked out to where I had not my carseats but somebody elses & called Petra to tell her that I was able to go after all. It was good that I got to this b/c I got to know Anna.

After going to Anna's house, btw we didn't walk but Andre & her son did play & had a great time. We came back to the house. I asked Petra & Andy if they wanted to come over for dinner since they live 45min away. It worked out really good b/c that night Steve was going to run sound for Josh's band (Pastor's son) but he didn't have too after all. YESSS! SO this other couple came over & we had a really good time of fellowship.

Sunday was Church. After church, we got invited to go out to eat w/ this fam, that has helped us alot in getting settled 7 everything. We went to a restaurant out in the country, really nice. They paid. Then they decided to got for a walk. I thought cool a 1/2hr walk sure why not. NOP! this turned into a 2 hr walk, with our churh clothesd & shoes. My feet were hurting. OUCH!!! Then after that LOVELY walk we went over their house for cake & coffee. WOW, what a day. Then back to church after the cake & coffee. We had a concert with Peter robertson, this guy from Australia.

I'll have to write another blog about Monday....etc. cuz my kiddos just woke up from their nap & this will turn into a book. YIKES!!!


scrapbookingguru said...

I am so happy that you are meeting people!!! It feels good to fellowship doesn't it?

I really don't like the pic of the calzone...if it was a good as you say, the pic does not do it justice!!

miss you so much!!!
xoxoxoxo to A & A & S!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

hahaha, I know, but it is baked on brick oven. So that's why it looks brownish. hehe!

Logziella said...

I am SO SO SO glad that you are meeting other women and their families! Yeah...

Sounds like a lot of fun and so interesting to hear about your life in another country!

Soak those feet girl!!!


Somebody's Nobody said...

I'm glad you have some good friends that you are meeting there. And someone who will take the kids---bonus.

Love and miss yoU!