Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm bored..right now.

Now, I do ahve stuff I could blog about but i need to download the pic's & I don't know how to do that & to top it off, I don't know how to get it into my blog. Yip, Steve does it all that for me. It really bugs me that I have to depend on him to do it. Someetimes I even have to wait till he gets home. What's up with that. Get on the ball girl! I guess I better start writing these llittle steps down right. hehe. Otherwise I may never learn how to. Then I'll be al geriatric about it. Is that how u write geriatric? hmm. I guess I better look that up in the dictionary. Pathetic. I can't even spell. What am I, 80?! jeje.

Well I finally got my kitchen cleaned. Yes, that's right. It's been dirty for a couple of hrs. Hmmm...maybe 5 hrs? Man that's a long time. But I did not feel like cleaning it. WHAT you've never left your "K" unclean for a couple of hrs? don't look at me like I just fell out of a chair. hehehe! Well, you see...thing is..I just did not FEEL like it. Well that's b/c I finally put the kids down, well, I gave both a bath, fed them dinner before their baths, went for a walk before dinner, waited for them to get up from their naps before we went for a walk. Does this make any sense. Oh yeah, but wait, then the "Creamer Memory" lady came over @ 1. Basically to chat & to see my work. You see she does this as an outreach for unsaved people. Although I have to say she is not so behind the times, maybe a little, ok alot, but she is familiar w/alot of the stuff that is out there mainly b/c of websites. But they are behind b/c there is not SCRAPBOOKING stuff here. Just to tell you I have not been able to find a SEWING KIT or RIBBON, that's right. I did however found photo splits. A bit different but they are acid free.

I found a store where they sell Sewing Machines. I haven't been in there yet. Maybe I'l find some stuff there. GOD HELP ME!! hehe. Well it will be nice to find buttons too. Maybe I'll ask my "NOBODY" to spare me some. Remember when you offered us some of the ones you got for x-mas I believe? Well if not, I'll just have to wait till I go to the States & do my shopping. Well I better go now. My stomach is gargling, seems like fire monkeys? haha. Ok got to run, literally.


scrapbookingguru said... sewing stores in all of Austria? How do they darn their darn socks?

I am compiling a care package for you ...hold on. However this comes with strings attached, you must be my friend forever!!
Okay, now go clean your bathroom after your bout with the runs:)

Somebody's Nobody said...

DO you think you could figure it out if it was in Spanish? Maybe Steve could download some sort of language pack age for you. j/k luv u. Thanks for all the hours of non-stop talking we do on your Vonyage. It's a killer time.

amazingbrenda said...

Oops, yeah I better do more talking. You see I was about to cal you last night, when suddenly it started. Yes the gargling & the hurling. Everytime I would reach for the phone it happened. So I decided I waited til today (the next day) to call you. Then we will ahve a killer time. :) Then you will hear the sweet sound of whohu wuhu wuhuhu..wuhu wuhuhu.;) Luv ya nobody!

Thaks guru. I appreciate that. I'm getting tears in my eyes. No doubt about it! You will me my best guru friend FOREVER..FOREVER...FOREVER & EVER!!

Logziella said...

Yes, pictures, pictures, pictures!! We want pictures!

I sorta know how you feel about the scrapbooking supplies or lack there of. But atleast I do have a Jo-Ann's. Hang in there girl...Guru will give you the hook up!

Love ya-MISS YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!