Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm a junkie!!!

Did I mention that I have become a "Gilmore Girls" junkie? Yeah, well I never really saw an episode when I lived in the States. A friend of ours, well he's a kid from the youth group that like to hang out with us on occasion, his family has the 1st 4 seasons. I just found out there are 7 seasons! Wow, American TV, music to my ears. Hallelujah, can you hear the choir of angels singing? OK back to my story.

Did I mention I've become, well We've become, Steve & I, "Gilmore Girls" junkies. Who would of thought. I would of never watched that TV show, it never caught my attention. But now, my life is, well different & well quite obsolete & well quite- non-English speaking. Well except for CNN & BBC Prime, aka BBC Crime (it's a joke).

They had been sitting in our TV armoir for about 2wks now, still was not interested in watching them, until we got really really really really bored & could not decide what movie to watch for like the 50Th time, of course there are other things one can do when bored. Ha! gotcha. Well I popped the 1st CD in. Steve & I sat there wondering what kind of TV series this was. Well after watching the first episode we had to watch the next episode to see what happened with the ending of the prev episode. It's like a cycle, you get the gist. You know they do this on purpose so you can be glued to the TV & or wonder desperately what happens next, when will I have time to watch the next episode or CD, season. Love that there no commercials, & oh, the skip button on the remote control, LOVE IT!! Whomever invented the remote control (SKIP button) is a genius!!! you just skip thru all the credits that start rolling at the end of the episode. Yah, skip baby! that's what I'm talking about. Then your on to the next episode!!!

Did I mention I'm a "Gilmore Girls" junkie? Well, now I have to find out who has the rest of the seasons, so when we're done with all 4, well we can watch the rest. OK that's my scoop for the day, add whatever toppings you would like.


Somebody's Nobody said...

We are all addicts of something Brenda. Young and the Restless, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, and .....Gilmore Girls. And they are all okay. Except you should have left Steve's name out of the equation. Admitting that STEVE IS ADDICTED TO GILMORE is weirding me out. hahahahahaha!

Domestic Diva said...

Yep....I really know what you mean....the series gets into your blood and you can't wait until the next week to find you what will happen...and then the writers leave you hanging AGAIN...and the crazy cycle begins again, wondering, planning in your mind and WAITING!!!! ARRRGGUUHHH! It is a good thing we all don't do drugs, can you imagine waiting for the next fix? Thanks April for getting me addicted to Grey's...I think :)

I have to agree w/Nobody, Steve being a Gilmore Girl junkie is weirding me out too!

SALT LAKE in '09!!!! Here we come baby!!!!

David Wildman said...

sad...sad....sad.... that's all I can say :-)

taking care of 6 said...

I've never seen it... not even a preview! Hmmm, now I'm wondering what I'm missing ;)

We had a 24 fix like that a while back. Watched 3 episodes at a time... until I started waking up in my sleep thinking Koz was trying to attack me! Ha! Since then, we've taken a break!

Cannot imagine only foreign tv... i feel for ya! Good luck in finding the rest of the series :)

Rock Chef said...

It is funny how some things can just get under your skin like that. Can't say I have ever watched this programme, though. I am more hooked on Jericho and Heroes, but I doubt you get to see those anyway!

Logziella said...

I have never seen or heard of this program...but I have that problem with other shows so I can relate! :0)