Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm soooo bored!!!

It's not like I have all this free we have soemthing going on like every other day. But it would be nice if we could just be with our friends, like old times. Bored? no problem just come over to the guru's. Never a dull moment there. We didn't even have to do anything, Just being with our friends made it so much fun.

Saturday I really wanted to be with people & play cards or something, Monday, Steve's day off, yah bored, well not really, but after the kids went to sleep I had nothing to do. But watch German boring TV. I really was bummed & wished I could be with my buddies. We need a sattelite dish desperatley. I watch my American movies over & over again. I can probably quote them. haha.

Good thing is...sometime in the summer they will be showing "MYTHBUSTERS" dubbed, blah, but I'll watch it regardless. Funny, b/c I was thinking & telling Steve that I really missed watching that show. Then Steve told me he saw a commercial tha they were going to show it on Thursday's. SWEET!!!! not to mention it's one of Steve's favorite shows. So we're excited to watch it when it comes out. I love America

Unfortunateley we can't watch american shows on line. We'ved tried but there's some kind of band. Probably b/c some of those shows..well whatever dubbed shows & shown here are one season behind. So there u have it. My life in a nutshel.


taking care of 5 said...

Know what you mean friend! I miss Tulsa too. Especially when we lived at Student Housing and could walk over to friends apartments or meet at the pool!! So weird that you can't watch tv online... can't tell you the end of 24 though... you'll have to wait! hehe

Moore Life said...

how i totally wish i could just say "come on over." my husband works many nights being in the theatre business and i find myself longing for friend times too.

i have a great solution to make life in austria a litte more interesting: get involved with my SnapIt! blog. i know you like to pictures and this blog is all about fun and taking pictures. check it out.

Logziella said...

I feel the same way Brenda! I have access to TV but I don't really watch much of it. I long for those days of just going over to a friend's house and chillin...

If you are feeling lonely...think of me...I am probably feeling lonely at that moment too!

Wow...this is depressing...:0)

Love you!

Amos said...

Oh friend, I so wish we were all together. I am still savoring the times in March. Oh so good! We will all be back together soon.

Hey, Ben had a dream that you moved to Colorado too! Maybe that will really come true! haha. You never know.

Love you my friend!

Domestic Diva said...

Hi friend...I am boo-hooing with you! We really miss y'all being ready for any thing and hanging out...ALL WEEKEND! Maybe some day...Colorado is a BEAUTIFUL place to live...Maybe God will move you here!

Love you!

Sorry about the phone yesterday...traveling in the state of South Dakota certainly has it's challenges!