Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Recap on this Easter weekend....

Well we did buy a ham to cook in the oven. But did not cook it b/c we were leaving on Sunday to my MIL'S. Yeah, Steve asked me on friday if we could go see them on Sunday after church & come back on Monday night. 1 day is all we both can handle. So I said sure. We didn't cook the ham but we did go out to the Greek restaurant which was packed'o. I guess everybody decided to go to the Greek's. They already know us there & treat us very nice. So we waited for ever & ate late & left @ 3pm.

Went home, chenged our church clothes,loaded the car & left. Audrey busted to her top lip. tripped & fell flat on her face. Yip..blood. So now sheƤs got a swollen top lip with a black spot on it. We got to my MIL'S. I won't go into details. Let's just say one day I will have a talk with her. I understand she hasn'r been around small children for years, but making an efort won't hurt. So I basically stayed in the guest bedroom with the kids b/c that's better for all. The visit wasn't bad b/c we stayed out of their hair for most of the time. The next say we took the kids to the park. That was a nice long walk to the park. Came back stayed in the room until lunch. Lunch was very very good. Once thing I hav to say is that my MIL is a great cook. Just stay out of her way.

Later in the afternoon, after the kids woke up from their naps we went to another park. Went back to the room packed, cleaned the room, ate dinner & left. So that wasn't a bad visit.

How much blood can you see in one weekend?
Yesterday morning audrey found Steve's glass of water sitting on the night stand. she grabbed it with both hands walked to Andre's room..tripped & fell. So you can imagine. Glass broke, she fell ontop of it & cut her left middle finger. It looks like she needs stitches but u can't b/c it's where you bend it. Yip blood was everywhere dripping like water. I couldn't watch it. Steve took care of it. She has been doing soo good though.

Later in the afternoon I walked with Judy (the pastor's wife) & then we grilled, played cards, ate homemade steve's apple pie. After we the food was done & brought inside, Audrey lost her balance with everybody coming inside. Fell & busted her lip (AGAIN) on the corner of a night stand. Blood ofcourse was gushing out again. But it healed quick. whew!! So here are some pictures of the kids.


John said...

Great photos - they look like lovely kids.

I hate it when they injure themselves. My younger daughter was the worse for falling over. Her knees were constantly scabby and bruised for what seemed like years!

Logziella said...

Sounds like a nice Easter...well except having to STAY IN A ROOM, that's nuts! What is wrong with these MIL's?...let's just not go there!

Your kiddos look SO cute! I loved the pictures!!

Love you!

taking care of 5 said...

actually trying to leave a comment for moore life. i deduced it was you when i read thru your profile. can't find your blog... which i'm guessing means you don't have one. i had to look up dubuque on the map, but now i see where you are! you are from ia originally aren't you? when you have a chance, let me know what you are up to. and congrats on the little girl

Moore Life said...

my goodness, amazing, i think i would have spewed having to see that much blood pour from my little one's body.

the pictures of the kids and scenery are lovely. andre is turning into quite the handsome little man.

happy belated bday andre!

Moore Life said...

taking care of 5, i left a comment on your blog. i have a blog. you can click on 'moorelife' and it should take you to mine, but here's the URL:

sorry, i forgot you're not from wisconsin, so you wouldn't have known where dubuque is. my mom is originally from racine,. she actually tried to find your church several months ago when she was in town, but couldn't find the building.

Amos said...

My goodness, that Audrey is one tough little girl. When it rains it pours sometimes. Ryan was falling and crying all day today but no blood thank goodness.

Sorry that you got Stuck in a Room. At least you could bear the trip that way I guess. Still no fun, but good food is worth the trip for something anyway.

Miss you!!!

taking care of 5 said...

i love looking at your family blog!! it is wonderful to be able to see what you are doing in beautiful austria. lovely, lovely children!! keep writing.

John said...

Please blog more regularly!