Monday, January 15, 2007

Passport or no Passport.....

So today we decided to go to Vienna to go get Audrey's passport processed. We got up @ 6am took a shower, got all of our stuff ready & the diaper bag. Woke up the kiddos got them ready. By 7:10am out the door we were. Picked up some pastries for breakfast & on the road we were. It's a 2hr drive to Vienna. I have to say the drive there was smooth. The kids did great. Maybe cuz they were tired. haha

We arrive in Vienna by 9 something. Parked in a parking garage trying to find a photo place to get Audrey's picture taken. We were way off. We were like on block building 245 & the shop was in building 10. Hello...why are we walking to this place I asked Steve. That's going to take like an hr to find. So Steve goes to get the car as it was the right thing to do. Then we drive until we find building 14. We found a great parking spot. I say great, b/c it is really hard to find parking on the side of the streets. Much better I said. We walked for 5-10 min. Found the shop. Got Audrey's picture taken & paid & arm & a leg for them. 25Euros. bah that's like $32 USD. Yikes!!!

So then we find the U.S embassy. I have to say, I don't think Vienna is pretty but that side of town is nice. It's in a nice building & an old palace lays on the side of it. The palace is white & beautiful & very high. I don't know if it's a museum but it seemed like they might rent it out. How cool would that be to rent a room there or apt. It has a nive view. It's sorrounded by really nice ornate 100 yr old buildings & a nice park accross the main street. This I would like to check out later.

Back to my story. So we get to the US embassy. We go in, up the elevator & there's a door that is like a vault door. & a camera on the side of the door. It's more of a lense & a key pad. We thought we were on the wrong floor. But we weren't. So this is the best part. We are "geniouses" really. I repeat geniouses. Who gets up that early in the morning w/o doublr checking the holidays. We know the hours of operation, but forgot to ck the hldys. So right on this vault heavy duty door is a metal gold plaque looking thing with all the dates & holidays that the offices are closed. Yip, they were closed. Monday the 15th of's MLK b-day!!! ugh!!! Couldn't believe it!!! So ofcourse we laughed & then got some Mc'ds & drove back to Wel's.

By this time it's 12:30. The kids fall asleep on the car & we get to a "STALL" yip that's right. A 2hr stall. Kids woke up & the whining began. Well aparently there had been an accident earlier in the morning. a semi truck flipped over & tehn caused a car & another semi to crash. I don't know whagt exactly happened after tha. But I have to say..Austrins are SLOOOOOWWW. This was going to take them all afternoon to clear up. So we had to detour thru another town. Finally we got to the city of Linz & went to this small mall nxt to IKEA. Had the kids play & walk for a while. Then we got some food items fr a grocery store in there. I know the kids were tired. I tried to go to H&M to look at some sale items clothing & ot's like a curse. It's impossible to go in there w/o having one or both kids to start whining or crying. UGH!!!! For once I would like to go into this store & look & buy what I need w/o this. So today I really wished for that moment, why did I have kids. I love them, they sure can make me soo mad in minutes. I hope that soon for once I can go in with peace & quiet. Needless to say I knew they were tired. As soon as we got home they were as happy as can be to run around & play w/ each other.

We ate dinner, kids were in bed by 7. And by 7:30 we were watching Seinfeld. Ofcourse I fell asleep cuz I was soo tired. So I went to bed at 10 & couldn't sleep so I decided to write about my day. See ya!


Somebody's Nobody said...

Brenda, you are so funny. Besides, are you black? How would you have ever known that it is Jr. day? I'm suprised that they are even closed for that. An embassy? Sorry about the trip. Maybe another day.

scrapbookingguru said...

That kinda weirded me out...them closed due to MLK day...Why would Austrians care about MLK day? Then the genious that I am figured out that you were going to an American now I understand!!! Wow that was hard!

Hey, does April have my boxes?

Loved the dishes...great deal!

Logziella said...

Aw man! I thought that kind of stuff only happened to me! Ha!

It sounds like you guys made the best of a not so great situation though. That part is good.

Now, you will be pros for next time.

Amos said...

Man, what a drag Brenda. Well, at least you got to get out of the house though, but still, a drag.

And yes, you will be able to go without the kids, but in America, and have a rest!!!!! Can't wait to see you!

amazingbrenda said...

Lol, you see in the American Embassy Americans work. They are hired by the American government. So technically they get all the American Holidays off. Not the Austrian national ones. Because they are not hired by the Austrians. Everything in there is American & in English. I'm sure they have some Austrians that have become American citizens working there. But in every country & continent the American Embassy's keep all the American holidays off. hehe.

Oh well, it was an adventure. So we'll have to go back sometime this week.

guru April does not have your boxes sorry. I did buy them though. i will bring them in Feb. so sorry.

Moore Life said...

you're adventures are sure more than in scrapbooking. i'm sure austria will never be the same with you living there. hee hee

did anyone ever tell you that reading your blog makes one's eyes go batty because of the white type on black background? i love your detailed stories, though, that's what us women strive on.

scrapbookingguru said... problem about the boxes, I just wasn't sure...can't wait to see you in March!