Friday, January 12, 2007

So here you have it. We have not had snow like guru has. Although I have to say I am glad. Compared to the winter they had last year. But I was glad that we had a little bit of snow. Andre ofcourse is ecstatic about it & wants to go outside immediatley, as soon as he sees it's snowing. So this time it stayed for a day. sort of melted the next day & was a sheet of ice the next day. So here is the nini that Steve & Andre built. Andre loved it! so here is the picture

Then we have picture #2. Audrey had to be given a breathng treatment b/c of this cough wheezing junk. It's not asthma but is junk collectede in the back of her lungs which makes her breathing passages narrow & causes a wheezing. So we had to do this for 2 wks. She did not like it at first but got used to it. Thank God she is healed!

Pic #3 & so on are pictures of her b-day party. She was a lady bug. It was a small party but nice. At least I got some pictures. We had a good time. Although it wasn't the same. I missed all of you guys. My inlaws didn't come. but it was better this way. It was a good time of fellowship. I'm glad I'm not sad anymore b/c it was probably the hardest thing that day to have a party w/o my friends & fam. But all is well. So here you have it.

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