Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scrapbooking Mania

Here are 5 scrapbooking pages that I finally got to do. Not to mention I have 2 sick chicldren w/ ear infeactions, teething (molers cutting thrpugh the gums) snottttt coming out of everywhere. But thank God for healing & meds. hehe. So here u have it!

Btw logzie. The one with the round circle I had already started before I moved here, but u inspired the rest ;) except that my circle is a whole lot smaller than yours...darn. Oh well. I think it still needs something but oh well.


Logziella said...

Those are great Brenda!! My circle page is an exact copy of Amy's circle page...so you can thank her! And btw, I think your circle page looks great and doesn't need anything else at all!

Great job!

scrapbookingguru said...

Cool pages dude....righteous in fact...don't add to the circle page...

love you
29 days

Amos said...

Cute, Cute B renda! I like them a lot!

Hey, and I agree, the circle page is fine the way it is.

Can't wait to see you!!!! Hmmm, I might see you in 17 days??

Somebody's Nobody said...

You are like getting in the mode for when you come over here! I'm lovin it!