Sunday, January 28, 2007

passport or no passport part 3

Attempt #3. 6:15 am- get ready, get diaper bad ready, snacks etc, put on makeup, blow dry my hair, wake up kids, load the car, woah, 7:45!!! it didn't take us this long to leave last time. Oh yeah isten to the radio, pray & speak for a smooth morning, no "staus" (traffic jams) favor with the ebassy & smooth ride back. As I spoke for a great day to happen, so it did! Here are some pictures of our trip. Onthe road to Vienna; entering the City of Vienna @ 9:45, good timing Steve!!
As we are driving through the City we passed by a sex shop store. WHAT!!! It was funny but it's not funny..really. But I decided to take a pic & show it to u guys. haha!

This picture of this big white ornate building is the palace I was talking about last time. It's called "Palais Coburo" It's right behind the US. embassy...well the embassy is kinda on it's side. If u see the pic w/2 guys walking, right infront of them there is a round white sign with an eagle on it. That's it my friends & was NOT closed!!! Praise the Lord!! We got there & were only in there for 45min. It was a smooth transition. It was kind of weird, to see all these Americans in there. You don't know what to think. it was kind of nice. You wonder what are each of these people here for? hmmmm. And then there is this other line for people from other countries residing in Austria that want to go to the U.S So they all get questioned, why do you want to go to the U.S. Glad it wasn't me. haha!!

So in 1wk we shall recieve Audrey's Passport. Def. a faster process to do get in Austria than in the U.S, except for the minor incidents. hehe! This other picture that you see of something laying on the side walk is Audrey's glove. That happened right outside the paking garage. Yip as we came out of those glass doors, she lost her glove. We didn't notice until we got to the embassy. Thank God we found it!! & it wasn't dirty either. hehe.

Afterwards we went to Starbuck's for some coffe. It was a treat well deserved. For a successful day & ofcourse, u can't go to Vienna & not go to Starbucks & get a MOCHA!!!!! yummyyy. We gladly enjoyed that! Then we walked for a little bit in the city. We found a great parking spot & headed to Burger King. Not my favorite but they only have them in Vienna & Germany. It wasn't bad, I must say. Then back to Wels we were. Kids asleep in the car & 2hrs of peace & quiet. Hope all you fans enjoy my glob I mean blog. :)


Amos said...

Oh Praise God that you finally made it and the passport was on it's way. I was beginning to get on my knees it was making me nervous. What cool pics!

Love you! Can't wait to see you on American soil.

amekuser said...

Wow - that's a lot of cool pictures - I didn't notice you taking about half of them ;)
Mmmmhhh - I could use one of those Mocha's right about now...
Well we had a great day in Vienna. But with you, really every day is a great day!!!

scrapbookingguru said...

Cool.....I can hardly wait to see you!!! 31 days....yipeeeeee!

Logziella said...

Awesome! I am so glad you finally got that taken care of and also sounds like had a great time doing it!!

Can't wait to see you! :-)

amazingbrenda said...

what aboy that peep show anybody? haha