Monday, January 22, 2007

part 2 Passport or no passport

Welcome to the slooooooooowwww country of Austria! That's right, slooooow. Today was our 2nd attempt to go to Vienna to get the paperwork in for Audrey's passport. There will have to be a 3rd attempt. That's right, you heard me a 3rd attempt. WHAT!!!! So we got up at 6:30am for nothing. We got ready, got the kids ready & out the door we were. We thought 8 o'clock is not bad since it's a 2hr drive. As long as we make it by 10, we're in, baby. As you remember in my prev. blog we got there but the office was closed. This time the office wasn't closed. However, we were stuck in a 5hr stau (traffic jam) What the crap!!!

So we found out as we're driving that there's a stau ahead. How? Well, here they have a system, that if your listening to the radio or a CD & there is an accident or major traffic jam somewhere, you get interrupted by the news. No way of turning it off unless you push the off button on your CD player. It's a good thing but annoying when you want to listen to your favorite music w/o any interuptions. They said it was a 3km stau, so we thought maybe an 1hr. But no. we were stuck for 3 dang hours. There was people peeing on the side of the road. Quite funny & gross at the same time. I didn't look though, I promise. lol.

Back to what happened. Oh, well then they announce that it's not a 3km stau anymore it's 10km stau. WHAT!!!! A semi truck aparently caught on fire or there was some kind of accident at 6AM!!! WHAT!!! how long does it take to move this monstrous vehicles out of the way! All they need to do is move the problem to the side & tow whatever needs to be towed away for crying out loud!!!! Do you guys have no such thing as semi towing trucks????!!!!! aaaaauuuggghhh!!! Yip the frustration rose up as Audrey whined the whole time. That's right. Not a break at all. Whine whine whine!!! So we finally, with a load of semi's & cars in front of us, managed to exit at the next exit & tried to go around the towns to get to Vienna. But it took like 1/2hr just to find a road w/o traffic. So we drove & drove & intstead of going NW we are going SW. UGH!!!! hehe! So we took pictiures of the towns that we drove thru. Then we had to turn back around to the same exit, stuck in traffic, again for another 45min. This time it was to go home.

We pass the bridge & ahead we see cops directing traffic, or pretending to direct traffic b/c it was NOT necessary to have them there. They made the traffic worse. The round abouts pretty much take care of itself, really. My questions was....hmmm...why weren't the cops directing traffic where the accident was & removing the problem??? How is it that 4 hrs later or more this problem is still there. I just got to laugh. This country needs to prioritize in focusing on the prob, right away, not when they feel like showing up. Something I'm learning about living in a foreign Country. So 1/2tank of gas wasted but really enjoyed listening to Keith Moore. haha.


scrapbookingguru said...

Wow....sounds like a time...I wish I was there! Not really! You only have a couple of weeks before you travel to the states, you need Audrey's passport....what is wrong with those people?....Naughty dogs!!!

I misses you this weekend...we all did :(

Amos said...

Wow Brenda, sounds like you had a killer time! NOT! That is crazy. I hope it was monstrously huge if it was going to take that long. Good Grief.

Maybe someday other than a Monday would be good. I know that is probably when Steve has off but you may want to change it up for sanity sake.

Yep, I agree with Guru, we all missed you and everyone that was not there too. 38 days!

Logziella said...

OMG!!! That is crazy! I can't beleive how incompetant they seem to be with these accidents!!

Good luck to you next time...hey...maybe you should pray and fast and see if maybe that will work!!! HA!

amekuser said...

haha - I really like the pic you took of all those signs - I'm confused by them even though I can read the language...