Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well, it's been quite a busy last week. It pretty much started Tuesday evening with meeting with a couple who moved to Germany. We went over for dinner. Got a babysitter, the kid spend the night since it was a hr drive each way & we knew it would be there at least 4hrs. We got home at 1 am. You would not belive what happened to us. We were locked out! There is a key that stays, or we keep in the lock on the inside. When we leave the house, we pull it out a little bit to be able to lock it from the outside. Well the door was locked & the key was inside, we could not open the door. Rang the door bell 3x's, nothing. Call the kids phone several x's, nothing, called my cell phone which I left in a room, so ofcourse it could not be heard.

I'm praying that the neighbors don't come out b/c they are not so friendly, specially the husband, he is very rude. I wouldn't blame him for being upset at 1am. So Steve climbs up the garage roof, throws a tennis ball at our balcony window, since that is where our living room is & the kid is sleeping on the couch. still no answer. By this time the neighbours dog behind us starts barking like crazy, I mean he's already annoyingly loud, but this was LOUD!!! and my husband is on top of the roof, not to mention he starts knocking on the kitchen window. More barking, non stop barking, by this time I'm feeling like somebody's gonna call the cops. Still nothing. do you know what finally woke this kid up? The dog barking. Cheeze. This kid was completeley out! He did not hear anything!!! The mom couldn't stay that late so she brought her son with her. She took care of the kids, put them to bed & left late but not that late. We just had to take him to the train station the nxt day. Normally I would not do this but it worked out that way. Nxt time I'll get somebody else.

Wed was church, Thursday & Friday I helped the Pastor's wife do things around her house since she is still recuperating from surgery. Friday I was on my feet all day. Saturday we went to a conference all day. Finished gathering some stuff for some friends that are coming from America as missionaries to Germany to help some friends out at their church. Sunday was church. Steve preached Sunday night. Steve got home & finish helping me clean out some bunkbeds.

We went down to the basement to finish the cleaning which we weren't making hardly any noise all doors were shut & the neighbor comes down & starts going off on Steve that were always loud & they can always hear us, blah blah blah blah blah. Steve apologized & the JERK still kept on mumbling stuff. He was saying that his 1yr old could not sleep, b/c were so loud! WHAT!! what kind on nonsense is that. Continued saying that we should know b/c we have kids. What an IDIOT!!! They think b/c they'r down stairs that they are sound proof or something, NOT, b/c they are loud too. IT"S A FLAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! of course there's going to be noise. His kids cries not because of us, but b/c he is a 1yr old.

Hellooooo, it's not my fault that they built a flat & not a house, & their layout, IDIOTS!!! Their baby's room is in between both of my kids. And the floors, well there tile & wood floors. So is theirs, which means there is nothing to sound proof, the walking, dragging of furniture that his wife moves all day long, their arguing with each other etc. They make alot of noise too but we don't complain b/c IT'S A STUPID FLAT!!!! CAN SOMEBODY GET THAT INTO THEIR HEADS PLEASE!!! I am so sick'n tired of living here & we can't move out until the end of January b/c we have to give a 3 mo notice. We were planning on moving out in the spring b/c it's cold. But I want to get out now!!!! You know his kid was crying before we even went to the basement & after my kids were asleep. What a DORK!!! What gets me mad is the fact that he can't be tactful or nice abt it, no, he has to be so rude. His brother, the owner is totally the opposite. He is super dooper nice. I mean you just want to hug the guy for being so nice. No wonder he moved out.

This neighbors, live like hermets, I swear, They never ever leave their house. The whole yr we have lived here they have never been gone more than 2 hrs. Not even on vacation do they go anywhere. So wierd. So we are looking for a house. We have defenately ruled out living in a flat. NEVER!!!! Unless is a duplex. So there you have it. When we come home is like panick, hope we don't see them, knott in our stomachs, please leave, please don;t be here & when they'r not, we jump up & down in the garage. riculous, I know, We have sort of made up a song too. haha! So this is my ife in a nutshell or kookoos nest.

Did I mention how mischievious my daughter is. Just as I'm typing this, it has also happened in the past. She took 2 of his cars that he is playing with & then she runs laughing laughing & laughing. Of course he is chasing her wanting his cars back. So she gives one back & keeps the other one, still laughing. Andre's asking for his other car, so finally I takenit away from her & guess what she's still laughing. WHAT!!! She's not 2 yet but she sure is learning fast. Ok until my next blog.


Rock Chef said...

Funny! You probably woke up most of the neighbourhood before you woke up the person you wanted to!

We are just waiting for the day we lock ourselves out!

Logziella said...

Funny story Brenda!!! Sounds like something that would happen to ME! Ha!! Glad you finally got inside.

Sorry about the neighbor situation...hurting people hurt people...they are probably miserable on the inside. Still makes it hard for you all though.

Audrey sounds so cute!! Ah sibling rivelry!!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Oh you are so funny B-renda. I can totally hear you saying out loud everything that you have typed. HA! I miss you and you getting on your soapbox. Not very often, but when it happens it is so funny.

taking care of 5 said...

Funny! I remember being locked out on at least 3 occasions when we were in Germany. One time, Kozman wasn't around and I was determined to get in, so I climbed up to the balcony b/c the window was opened like a V (you know how those european windows do) I thought I was going to fall and crack my head. But I got up there and fanagled with the window and got it open... not fun!

Hope you can endure till the move and that you are able to find a nice quiet spot when you do!

The kids sound adorable ;)

Amos said...

Oh my B renda. That neighbor thing makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up too. So sorry that it is so yucky. Praying that you will find a nice new place that is quiet and peaceful. Some people are just soooo lost!

Rock Chef said...

Living in flats like that is not fun - I have done it and know what it is like.

Good luck finding somewhere better - or at least with better people around.