Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall is here...

It's official, Fall is here or it has been here for abt the last 3wks. It's getting dark sooner. The trees are turning colors & loosing their leafs. It's been in between the 50's & 60's for some time now. Cold at night & the darn mosquitos are trying to come in or should I say, they come in either way as we don't have screens in our windows, but 1. September is like mosquito season. I remember last year there were so many mosquitos in Sep. It doesn't fail, there's always one stupid mosquito buzzing at night right over our heads. So here we re at the crack of dawn swatting them evil things.

Back to my fall story. Since I have been inspired & motivated by logzie to a better healthy eating, I started walking with my kids in the morning. It's beautiful in the morning around our neighborhood. It's cool & hardly any cars. Well that's because we live in between Farm houses & corn fields & all kinds of different crops. It's not a big neighborhood but you can go for miles if go thru the street fields. I also yip, started riding my bike..well Steve's bike, I need to get me one. I went not very far, but it was at least a 1/2hr ride. I actually saw more of the neighborhood & more of the fields & houses that are hidden in between the fields. I really enjoyed it. I could of gone further but I din't really know where I was going. SO next time I'll push myself to go further. Now my butt is sore although Steve did change the seat. haha! Do you know how long it's been since I'ved ridden a bike? years. I did buy one abt 2yrs ago & only rode it 2x's. Before that, it had been since I was a kid. Looooooong time ago. That's sad, isn't it.

So now I am determine to change my eating habits & exersice more. I'm cutting out the carbs, not totally but eating less than what I eat, or watching my portions. I love to eat bread. It's no problem for me to eat less of something as long as I am not totally deprived from it. The key is balance & moderation. We have been eating dinner earlier. well between 5 & 6pm. No later than that. I was proud of myself yesterday, since I did not have a snack after my dinner. I have increased my water intake, since I need it & it makes me less hungry.

I can't really do a calorie count since I don't really understand grams & ml etc. I am eating more salads, with my homemade olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing, salt & pepper & little tiny bit of sugar. It's yummy. I don't really care for tomatoes but I do eat them. I cut up tomatoes, press 2 cloves of garlic & add add the dressing, shake it & it makes a really good healthy tomato garlic salad.

I know I haven't blogged as frequently as I would like too, well I to am lazy sometimes b/c I think that I don't have anything to blog about although I know I do. Just having children should make you blog right?

Ok here are some more updates. My son Andre might need surgery, beginning of Nov. Andre has one testicle that has not come down since he was born. Boy that's a funny word to blog about. "Testicle". We were told that he needed to get it ckd out by a specialist if it din't come down by the time he was a yr old. Well we never really did anything about it but did keep an eye on it, since insurance in America pretty much sucks the life out of you or our ins did. That means it will cost you or us alot of $$$ & we weren't in that position to have thousands of $$$'s in medical bills, since we were still paying of Andre's hospital bill. Well at one point it seemed like it had sort of come down, but it never really did.

2 weeks ago we took him to a the hospital to see a specialist recomended by his peditrician here in AT. They did an ultra sound & could not find the testicle. Which means that is probably somewhere in his stomach & they have to get it out since it can be cancerous if it stays there. Ok, so they couldn't find it in the ultra sound, but they did recommend this medicine that may or not work b/c his 3yrs old now, but it has worked in the past. It's a nasal spray that he has to take 3x's a day. This might help that testicle to come down although is not active.

However, although that testicle is not active his other testicle is enlarged to make up for the other one. What a nice problem to have right. Whohoo look at me I have a big testicle. Just kidding. Well so if it does come down then he gets the surgery & gets to go home that same day, but if it's in his stomach floating around like a planet in outer space the he'll be in the hospital for 3 days. So were praying & believeing God that it will come down & he can go home that same day.

The other thing...well how about I just make a new post about the other thing....I bet u can't wait to find out ha!


Moore Life said...

my goodness, so sad to hear of andre's plight. we'll be believing along with you.

glad to hear you're making eating habit changes. i'm doing the same thing. it's been difficult to get pregnant again, and i know a large part of the problem is my weight. so off it needs to come.

autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, so i'm looking forward to the cooler temps and leaves changing. i hope to get some good pics i can post.

taking care of 5 said...

Good to hear from you! Your bike ride and walks remind me of the little village we stayed in while we were in germany. There were wheat fields and strawberry fields and who know what else and a loooonnnnggg road to walk down thru it all! It was something we did every evening to get out alone (as we were living with another family with 4 kids! ;)

I too hadn't ridden, rode, whatever, a bike since I was a kid, but I did it again on our 10 yr anniversary. Now, it's been 3 years since then... I really need to get a bike. Especially since my oldest has finally learned to ride hers w/o training wheels! Ok sorry, i am doing a post here.

Anyway, we will hook our faith up with yours for Andre!

Logziella said...

Glad I could inspire you Brenda!! We should all keep eachother accountable.

Well stand with you in prayer for Andre. Sweet little guy!

You have got me wanting to ride my bike too! Ha!

Rock Chef said...

Good to hear you are cycling - it is great fun and very good for you!

Hope Andre's problem gets sorted out, poor little guy.

Glad you are back!

Logziella said...

OKAY already!!! What' the "other thing"!! HA! :0)

amazingbrenda said...

Oh you know what? I can't remember what the other thing was, hehe. But I'll blog about something else.

Somebody's Nobody said...

Poor little Andre. I laughed out loud when you were talking abou this one big testicle. Ella was listening and she's like, "What are you laughing about mom?" I said it was nothing. I didn't think she would understand about enlarged testicles and what not. ha! Miss you. And miss scrapbooking with you. Christmas?...

Domestic Diva said...

At least insurance in Austria is better right?

The Schnee family will diligently pray for him....we miss him very much...

Yep, isnt biking fun? That is all everyone does around here...just takes your booty to get used to it.
I made it to the Niwot...about half way to goal was Boulder...but my butt screamed..."NO WAY!"

See you soon....well two months! :0)