Monday, September 10, 2007


So here you have it. The week at Hannes Hoff was great. I will post pictures since that will speak for it self. It's a beautifull valley right smack in the middle of the mountains. The town is called Flachau. Theres a lot of beautiful houses & bed & breakfast as this place is popular for skiing in the winter. Aparently they are busy all year long b/c it is very pretty & there's lots of outdoor stuff to do. Lakes, mountains, bycicle trails are all very close. etc.

Ok, let me back up. OK since my thrifty thrifty post we have been to Salzburg & actually visited a castle. The name of the castle is called "Hohensalzburg" The walk up there & in there was sort of brutal b/c it was steep, but it was an adventure. So here are some pictures of that. As we walked up to the castle we walked through houses that are built right around the bottom of the castle. Really nice ones too. The view of the city as you are walking up is beautiful.

Then there was the Grill Fest, That was a blast! Then there was something else going on that following weekend. Then Summer Bible week, My B-day, Flachau, a stay at Hannes Hoff. This was a nice trip. We went to 2 different mountains. The 1st mountain that we went to was called: The Drinker's Pasture. Funny name, that's because it has an "ALM" which stands for pasture. We drove up there & climed up. At the ALM'S there's a restaurant where you can eat after youve'd cimbed the mountain. Very nice.

Although, I have to say it is very cold up there. The second mountain that we visited was called: Grossglockner which is abt 3980 meters, now that was freezing cold. There are glaciers up there & you can actually go down there. It takes abt 45min to go down. All the people look like tiny little spots down there. You can actually climb on the glacier if wearing appropriate gear. There's a restaurant up there, really nice, the view from there is unbelieveable, beatiful, the pictures don't do justice.

The next day, we heard on the news that 5 people had fell in one of the cracks as they were climbimg the glacier & 2 of them died, due to not wearing the appropriate gear. How sad. After we ate dinner, we played games til midnight. That was fun.

More has happened after we got back..hmm let me think, Oh yeah, we just got back from a youth weekend camp. So we are catching up fron that.

Oh, I have to tell this story. I was givng the kids a bath tonight playing with them & washing them & Audrey pulled a "Gabriella" Logziella's daughter. This is how it happend. Kids playing...I wash them, they play some more I play with them & then I hear a big bubbly sound coming from the water. Andre & I looked at each other & said...Audrey tooted, well it wasn't just a toot, stress, get them out as fast as I can, turn on the shower wash them.

I didn't see it coming, it happened so fast. All of a sudden I see something that is not a toy nor does it look like one floating in the water. OMG, that was the 1st time this had happened to me. As fast as I could I pull both kids out of the water & put them in the shower. This was probably the most discusting thing I have had to deal with...well it seemed like at the moment. Now the tub is cleaned, filled with water & bleach, toys are soaking in water & bleach as well & washed the shower, just in case. So there you have it.

Andre was helping Steve get bikes ready for the Flachau trip. The rest of the pictures were of my grill B-Day party. we had a good time.


Grill Fest:
The Grill Fest turned out great. We had a pie eating contest, sticky bun eating contest, knocking off the cans w/ water guns, water ballon fight oh & yeah eatinf lots of yummy food. mmmm.



Logziella said...

She's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Sorry about the "Gabriella"...HA! It IS disgusting... :0)

Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!!! Looks like so much fun!

You're a cute clown BTW!

Miss you!!

taking care of 5 said...

WOW! Amazing pictures AB! ;)

You have certainly been busy my friend! Happy Birthday to you, too :) Glad to have you back in blogland!!

Rock Chef said...

Yay, welcome back! The photos are great.

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Moore Life said...

my word, amazing B, all these pics are breathtaking and look like a lot of family fun. you have every reason to have dropped out of blogland.

your part of the world leaves me awestruck. i think i'm really jealous of the hirschy's, who will soon be there in a few more weeks.

Somebody's Nobody said...

Brenda-- So nice to hear what you have been up to over there. Audrey is SO BIG! I can hardly believe her! I like your poop story. I think tht has happened to every mom on earth and it is the mnost disgusting thing. but so funny after it is over. Thanks for catching us up. You sound like you have been making a lot of memories. Love you!

Amos said...

Wow Friend! Those are amazing and beautiful places. In the clouds? holy cow. That's awesome, but freezing I'm sure. Looks like a lot of great vacation and adventure. Sorry about the Audrey bath story. That sure is yucky. Thanks for the nice update. Love you!

Domestic Diva said...

What nice pics....let's get together and crapbook them!!!

How many days until Christmas?