Tuesday, October 09, 2007

blogging bloggin gloging...

What to write. As I was or have been thinking of what to write, I could not think of anything. Absolutley nothing. I guess one might say, those are the best blogs right. Well I hope this ones a good one. As I was loading more pictures into the laptop I saw how much I can blog abt. Well mostly about my kids. Specially when I see some of the pictures that I have taken, spare of the moment. snap, snap snap, I suddenlz get the feeling that I am turning into my kids paparazzi. Well it's all about capturing that moment right? I think this blog is mostly going to be pictures that tell you my story.

Ok I have to admit, I have been wanting some cake. More like a chocolate torte. May I say we have some of the best ones here. With that glazed chocolate on top mmmm. I think I just put on 5lbs just by thibking abt it. haha, hope not. I have been doing good in eating healthier, not snacking but on fruit, ok maybe 1 or 2 cookies max in a day. I ahve been drinking my water like I should. Have NOT been riding my bike everyday as I should but have been walking as much as I can, not as much as I would liek too, but at least I'm doing something. N-ways, so we cracked & bought a small chocolate torte at the grocery store. I am letting it thaw out so I can have a small slice. So here is a picture of that.

mmmmmm...yummy...chocolate torte!!!

Can you say "this is literally a half eaten bowl of cereal"

This is how my living area looks like every day, I do clean it I promise!!

Look at my pretty stockings with apples:

Holly Frijoles!!! I've gotten into mommy's scrapbook stuff...hmmm these "photo splits" look like stickers, where can I put them...oh look around me & on mommy's stuff:

These are the trees that are along the path we walk:

The path where we walk & ride the bike:

Along the path we see walnut trees, red & green apple trees & pear trees:

I can't stay awake for dinner:

Audrey blowing kisses & she loves her new winter hat:

mmmm...yummy stew:


Somebody's Nobody said...

You are so random B-renda....and I totally love it. Man Audrey is getting so big. She looks like Andre with long dark hair. I love all your European lingo too. Like stockings...torte (I know that is American too). Love the pic you took of the girl in the scrapbooking stuff. That will be great when she is scrapbooking later on in life. Love you and miss you!


Rock Chef said...

That torte looks wonderful!

What is the red thing that one of the kids is in? Looks really cool!

Ah and I miss the wooden train sets!

amazingbrenda said...

Rock Chef: that is a Radio Flyer Wagon. They don't have them in Europe. Well I couldn't find one like it, after much research. This is the coolest wagon ever. Andre got it the X-Mas before we moved to AT from my mom & couldn't bring it b/c it had to be i it's original package. So after a yr we were able to get it over here. it's an answered prayer b/c I really really wanted it for the kids & could not part with it. So my mom bought a new one for the kids so it would be in it original pckge & kept the old one for when we go visit. Some friends that went to Tulsa got 2 bring it with them on the airplane. Had to pay $100 b/c it was oversized, but it didn;t matter, we finally got it!!!

Rock Chef said...

Looks like a great little vehicle - well worth all the messing around!

Logziella said...

LOVE the 1/2 eaten bowl of cereal Brenda!! Too funny!! LOL!!

Cute pictures. Your kiddos are getting so big...especially Audrey...she's so pretty!

That looks like a nice path you have to walk on in the country...so peaceful!

Thanks for sharing the pictures...it helps me to feel more connected to still be able to watch your kids grow up and see your surroundings.

Love you!

Domestic Diva said...

Love the pics...wish I was there riding my bike with you ;)

Cute stockings Audrey has on....

See you soon! Yipeeeeeee!

Kandis Smith said...

Love all the fun pics you took! Just darling! Oh, and I'm tagging you!

Moore Life said...

what a cool post. you may think a day in the life of amazingbrenda is boring, but i find it very interesting. lovin' these long posts.

taking care of 5 said...

beautiful place to ride a bike! adorable kids! love audrey with the winter hat :) your stew looks delish. you should post the recipe on your other blog ;)

Amos said...

Yum B renda. NOw I am really hungry! What awesome pictures. I can't believe how grown up Audrey is! Love you!