Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yesterday was a holiday so since yesterday was a holiday many people also get Monday off. Mondays are Steve's day off anyway, but having 2 days off it's great!! So we try to make the best out of that 1dy off. Yesterday however, there was a flea Market in the city, so we decided to go. It's amazing the amount of antiques that you can find. I didn't buy any antiques really, but would of loved to if I had more tha 30Euros. Ha! That was my budget to start. But now I am soo hooked on Flea Markets.

So I really have to save $$$ so I can go & find treasures for my home. Steve is not so much into the stuff that I like nor does he find & see the value of it, but he supports me by going. So I bought a couple of things. Well let's just say I spent my 30 Euros cuz that's all I had. Would I have had more I would of bought some really cool nifty things. But it's a start. So here you have it.

I bought this metal box. I don't know how old it is. It's somewhat rusty But I cleaned it up as good as I could. I believe it was some kind of candy that was sold in the 1900's. I did the research but the information was in french. Sorry I don't speak french. I love it!!!

I bought these pewter platters & these two small coffee milk jugs to go with them. Also I found this measuring metal cup. They don't make these kind of stuff any more, but I foun dit for 5Euros. This other lady wanted to sell me one for 30. yikes!! I like this kind of metal kitchen stuff anyway. My most favorite beside the metal box is this camera. So this was the highlight of my day. Steve loved the camera. That was his favorite buying of the day. I believe his dad has some really old ones as well. We'll see if he'll pass them on to us. cross our fingers. hehe!

Then we grilled in the afternoon & watched the end of 24 season 5. Plese can somebody videotape season 6 for me & mail it to me. haha, just kidding. I shall read it on line & then watch it when it comes out on DVD. :(


John said...

That box is great - my wife loves things like this. It is amazing what you can find if you look hard enough.

scrapbookingguru said...

Wow, love those pieces Amazing...:)

Hey, have ya'll tried to watch shows online? You can watch them online the next day after it airs on the TV....I think 24 is one of them!

Hope to see you soon :)

amazingbrenda said...

I agree John. the box is my favorite.

guru, thanks, unfortunateley we r unable to watch the shows on line. b/c they play it here a season behind. We get a mssge that it cannot be played. Must be some kind of contract they have with the american internet. bdah! :(

Somebody's Nobody said...

That is some serious booty! Two addictions B!? Scrapbooking and booty finding. You are going to be broke with a house full of stuff! ha!

taking care of 5 said...

i love reading about your adventures in austria! we have some fun memories of outdoors in europe. congrats on the fun finds.