Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Blog

Okay so I have been asked to post something new since the prev post kinda caught some people off guard. No worries! I hope that all you mother's out there had a great Mother's day! We didn't really do much. Church in the morning, eat after church. Yeah this turned out into a 3hr meal at the restaurant. We went with the pastor's & another family whom are moving back to Germany on Saturday. It was a very nice day, warm & relaxing since Sun night church was cancelled.

We rented a movie & slept in on Monday. Well I & Audrey slept in on Monday. We finally found a sroller. Wahoooo! went to IKEA for Andre's sake. He loves going there to play & eat SPILU (spaguetti) for 1Euro. Then later I bought me a dress & got the kids sandals. whew! Full day!

Today the funniest thing happened. Well it wasn't funny at the moment but I had to take a picture of it. I sent Andre to go potty like 3x's & he didn't want too. So I made him go. This was before his afternoon nap. He finally goes & closes the door. 3min pass by & I think..oh this is good he went stinky poopoo. When I went to ck up on him. He wasn't going, he was actually enjoying himself unrolling a brand new roll of tp. That's right. It was all over the floor. As soon as I walked in he jumps & sits on the toilet. He knew what he did was wrong. Of course we had a talk about this. Not cool at the moment but funny now.

I have been cleaning, did 5 loads of laundry..got 2-3 more to do 2morrow. You know what I wish there was? A thing like a vacuum that would suck up all the toys that lay around EVERYWHERE around the house. I swear I feel like that's all I do all day long. Even if I do it at the end of the day...it's amazing how many more toys I find in unexpected places & things. I think I will take pictures of all the places I find toys laying around. That should be my next post. :) Toodles for now.


amazingbrenda said...

Btw, guru did not write this blog I did. Sorry guru I guess I didn't log out. Cheers!!

Moore Life said...

great post. everything's back to normal. that is a funny story about andre. i can totally understand that it wouldn't be funny at the time. so now i know what you do all day. clean up toys and do laundry. lucky for me, my husband gets to do the laundry. you ought to check out my mommy blog and include some of your funny stories. www.mommies-life.blogspot.com
i just had a post today talking about stay-home moms and working moms.

Amos said...

I think they should make toilet paper with some type of magnet or stopper thing for kids. It is just too tempting for them once it starts to unroll.

I agree on the toy thing. Way back when I finally decided I would pick up twice a day, naptime and bedtime. Otherwise I drove myself crazy. Now that the boys are older I make them pick up everything and set it on one couch and then we put it away from there. Much easier.

John said...

My eldest went through a phase of doing that everytime she went to the toilet. She just couldn't help herself.

Logziella said...

It's like the toliet paper is screaming at them and begging them..."please, please, please unwind me..." HA!!

Boy, Andre is a cutie pie!! Nice looking boy you have there Brenda!

scrapbookingguru said...

Cute....at least he didn't put it in the toilet...that would have been a major drag!

Kandis Smith said...

This is too funny! Very cute!

Somebody's Nobody said...

I think guru's right. It's a good thing he didn't like watching it go in the water. My MIL always used to tell me to squeeze the roll of tp until the carboard thing folds in half and then put it on the holder. It's harder for the kids to pull on it until it's gone because it keeps stopping at the fold.

I miss you! I think about you often and hope you are doing well over there in Austria. Call me and we can chat! Still have the same number. I'll try the ones I have for you too.