Friday, January 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

Well I haven't made the time to blog, much less to read blogs. But I make the time now. Kids are napping, or so i thought both were napping. My 3 yr old is def out of naps. Bummer. I did manage to get a shower. I had a rough nite. I did not fall asleep til after 4am. blah, what kind of nonsense is that. first I had a head ache & too much on my mind to think about. Then I was stinking hungry, I never eat late a night, even if I'm hungry but I had to, I couldn't bear the growling & head ache. So I ate bowl of Cheerios at 12:45am.

Yesterday I had a play date with a girl from church who has 2 small children like I do. She is really good with kids & works with the children at the church. So on Thursdays we have a set play date. The kids had so much fun, they didn't even fight. I made some carrot cake & brought it. It was soooo good. I had 2 cups of coffee yesterday at her house. The coffee must of been major CAFFEINATED, b/c I think that contributed to the head ache & the noon sleeping. Not to mention Andre woke up at 2:30am opens our door & is carrying his blanket & 2 pillows & a night lite. WHAT? So I take him back to his bed, reluctantly he did. Then @ 4am I hear both kids talking & asking for water. WHAT? It's 4am & I am trying to get some sleep. So I get them both water & then they finally fell asleep.

I ended up sleeping in the living room since I didn't want to keep tossing & turning, not to mention, my back has been hurting. I really need to get a massage. I fell down the stairs last week, b/c it has been icy. I hurt my ankle, but not bad. It was mostly a bruce but I pulled a muscle & it has been bothering me.

Tomorrow we will be attending a funeral. Lately it seems like a lot of people are dying. Last week, this lady in our church got the call that her father was diagnosed with some kind of cancer. This was Tuesday & Thursday he dies of a heart attack. Funeral was Saturday. This Wednesday Some other girl/woman from our church as well, our age, found out that her mother too had cancer, she had other medical problems also. She had surgery & dies on Sunday. WHAT? Then this last Saturday this church employee, gets a call that her mom got a stroke. Her step dad passed away 3 mo ago. We think it was due to the anxiety of her husband being absent. WHAT? We prayed for her & her mom. She was having some different types of examinations done & as the week progressed, we were praying & her speech has come back to normal. Praise God! We met the mom on Wednesday & you can't even tell that this woman has had a stroke. All in all, we pray & stand together with these families that have lost loved ones. I do not like funerals, much less going to one, pray for me that I may be strong & be an encouragement to these family tomorrow.


Domestic Diva said...

I will be praying for you. I don't like funeral either...

Why did the kids wake so early? Drag for you.

Sorry to hear about you falling on the ice. Did you get a massage yet?

Love ya!

Amos said...

Ouch friend! So sorry for the slip. I did that in the rain in flip flops and it was not pretty. Get some ice out for the hurt, funny, you fall on ice and then you put ice on it, but it should help.

I totally know what you mean about funerals. Last year was not fun at all. It's ok to take when they are saved but still is not great to have to go through. Will be lifting you up for strength.

Rock Chef said...

Hope it all went as well as these things can. I also hate funerals, they never seem to feel "right". Hard to explain.

Somebody's Nobody said...

Sorry about your bummer of a week. Hope you have a better week this week. Give the kids some OTC drugs when they wake up that early again. Maybe even prescription if it comes to that. Or do what Lilah suggests and donate them to science. Love you.