Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to all...

1. Brenda is making cupcakes for the youth that are playing in the skit @ church tomorrow. Batch was made from scratch, since we don't have the yummy fluffy, moist, American cake mix. BTW they will be Easter cupcakes.

I however, don't mind baking from scratch, as I sorta had to here. I love it!

2. Brenda is really really tired!!!
3. Brenda feels like she's been on her feet all day today..oh wait that's b/c she has been on her feet all day!!
4. Audrey is not feeling well today. Had a temperature earlier. Gave her some Motrin. She's better now.
5. Steve bought the kids their Easter baskets filled with chocolate or ("LALALET!!!!! as Audrey screams this when she wants Chocolate) so not cute but funny non-the less, oh & a stuffed (dumb) I mean cute animal.
6. 13 plastic eggs have been stuffed with "LAAALAAAALEEEETE"!!!!!- Courtesy of our Pastor's wife- she brought them for me from America, since they don't sell plastic eggs here to stuff. Easter is very big here but not the plastic stuffing eggs. You can buy real boiled colored eggs or you can dye them your self, I rather have the plastic. -Brenda- didn't have time to boil eggs & dye them (Bad mommy)!!! oh well they'll never remember that I dindn't color eggs.
7. Brenda will stuff confetti on a whole eggs shells, Washed of course from the inside, cracked from the top, just enough to pour the confetti inside. Brenda will seal them & smash them on our heads tomorrow. This is a traditional Mexican culture thing that we do. It's fun & messy.
8.We had a B-day party for both my kids yesterday & was on my feet all day!!!
9. B-day party was a success & lots of fun with a couple of kids from their class @ church.
10. Brenda baked 2 chocolate cakes on Thursday night that were so stinkin good.

I bought 2 boxes in Dec when we went home for X-Mas & frosting, good thinking B-R-E-N-D-A.
11. Brenda was on her feet all day on Thursday, she's super duper TIRED!!
12. Brenda is going to sit down & watch a movie, then frost the (dumb) I mean yummy cup cakes.
13. Tomorrow will be a special day!!! Yay!!
15. Did you notice I skipped #14???
16. Did I mention I'm really really tired!!!!


Somebody's Nobody said...

Is that you Brenda!? Holy cow. A month is a bit too long for an update. Glad to have one though!

Domestic Diva said...

What happened to #14?

Happy Easter to you too!

Amos said...

Hmmmm, there sure is a lot of feet and cake in this post? Cake This! Feet That! Love ya girl!

Rock Chef said...

I hope that Brenda remembered to smash the right eggs on everyone's heads! Could get even MORE messy!

Hope you got a good rest - poor thing!

Logziella said...

Love that egg idea...I want to try that next year! Get some rest girlfriend! Put those feet UP! :0)