Friday, February 15, 2008

To celebrate or not to.....

As the years go by it seems that we don't celebrate Valentine's day as much as we used to, before we had kids. I love Valentine's day. Although is a special day I am reminded that Valentine's day soesn't have to be just on the 14th, but it can be all year long. Since our children have been born, well & money has been tighter than ever. Since our son was born on the 18th of February & our anniversary is on the 19th, we sort of just combine it.

Birthday party or Valentine's? hmmm..B-day party. Valentine's day is not very big here. But I would like to make it a tradition to bake cookies & make valentine's projects for my kids. I think I will start next year.

Valentines day was sort of a sad day for us. We went to Vienna to a 15 year old's funeral service. What a day! But it made me appreciate my family more & enjoy every moment of it, life- live it to the fullest with no regrets. Because we are not proimised tomorrow. Not even tonight. But we have the assurance & the peace that we know where were going if we die. The assurance to meet Jesus.

All in all I wish you all a very happy Valentine's day!! And to us well...we are going to be married 10 years!!! I can't belive how fast time has flown. I LOVE my husband very much & I thank God for him. I look forward for the next years to come. I wonder what our lives will be like 10 years from now. Until next blog. Cheers!!!


Rock Chef said...

I can see how Valentines Day gets skipped with other things that close!

A funeral for a 15 year old? That is sad. I hate funerals anyway, but if the person was old at least you can celebrate a good long life. When someone is that young it is just heart-breaking.

Amos said...

Yikes B renda, I sure hope that you are feeling better. Yuck on the colds and back going out! Be Healed in Jesus Name! Take good care of yourself, that is the only thing that matters when trying to get well. I have learned that so much.

So sorry about the funeral, that is so sad.

Hope your Valentines was sweet. Great about the tradition of making cookies, that is what we did this year and it was lots of fun.

Love you!!!

Esther said...

Hey asta que pude checarlo.... Me gusta ... hmmmm touching o como dicen en el canal 12 TOTCH MI!LOL ... I agree valentines should be celebrated all year long even ... aunque solo dure 5 a 10 minutos ..... jajajajajaja! asta la vista bebe!

taking care of 6 said...

Congratulations on your 10 year! That is a special anniversary :) Hope all the celebrating was fun.