Saturday, December 08, 2007

3 more days...

In 3 days we will be flying to T-Town for X-Mas. We are really excited. I wish I could be done packing. Well..I'm almost done. I have 2 more loads of laundry. Although the kids clothes are already packed, most of mine & Steve still has to pack. I DO NOT want to pack on Monday. I would like to do my last minute shopping, cleaning & go to bed early since we have to get up at 5am on Tuesday. We will be flying out of Munich Germany. That's a 2 hr drive. Then we have a 10hr flight ahead of us before we land in Atlanta Georgia. After that, we have a layover of maybe 2 hrs & another 2 hr flight to Tulsa. We will be arriving after 8pm.

I hope that my kids do good in the airplane. Such long flight for 2 kids under 3 yrs of age. EEEEKKK!!! So I better start packing books, movies, toys. ayayay!

We have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog. Well I do have a blog saved on my drafts. It's pretty long with tons of pictures, but I would have to twick it, since I was supposed to have posted it abt 2 wks ago. Maybe I'll post the pictures.

Okay so I finally decided to go ahead & get a haircut. I haven't gotten one since February, so you can imagine what it looks like, long & boring. I saw an advertisement on a window display of a shop for a 16.99 hair cut, washing & drying. Well you know that's false advertisement when you walk in & tell them you want a hair cut, show them a picture & then ask you, which hair cut price do you want. 20 something for the washing & cut, no drying , you fix it yourself. Steve & I laughed a little when they asked us that question. Then the girl says or 30' something for the whole shabang! Well that's the hole point about getting a haircut, no?, wash, cut, dry & style it. We chuckled a little more & agreed. Oh well, that's how much you would pay for a hair cut any way. Although I still don't trust anybody with my hair. Good thing my hair grows fast I said & the idea was to got for a safe haircut, just in case they messed up I can still pull it back & have my hair dresser in the Tulsa fix it.

Mind you, I don't know all that the girl is saying, Steve is my translator & she spoke very little English , but didn't manage to have a conversation, she was nice, but I knew how she felt. Okay I show her a picture & doe s she do what I showed her to do , NOPE, she hopped it all off. So not what I want it, but she did a good job & I do like my hair cut, specially since I've already had this hair cut before. It was suppose to still be long, just choppy from the bottom & long layers & long bangs. Well it has layers alright, short ones that is & uneven on the left side it's a bit longer on that side. You can't tell unless I don't fix it. Oh & check this out. She charged me 2.10 x-tra for my hair being long. I thought WHAT?? If she would of done what I told her, I wouldn't of had to pay 40'something. Again I know that's a normal price for a hair cut. What gets me is the fact that they don't just a give you a flat price. Oh & by the way the 16.99 was for washing & drying your hair only, What? I can do that my self, thank you very much. So non the less I will NOT be getting any more haircuts here or at least at that one place, EVER, but I do like it. Even thought I have to get it fixed a bit next week.

In the meantime, this week we decorated the church with X-Mas decorations. Here is Andre & I decorating one of the trees. This one goes in the foyer. That was fun. Wednesday we had youth X-Mas party. The kids loved it, Although not all the kids that I expected to come came, we still had a good group & had fun. We had pizza coming out of our ears. Games & prizes. Here are some pictures. It was so funny to see the kids dance with an orange in their foreheads, the couple to drop it last won. Then we played the white elephant game. It was funny to see how some kids didn't want to give up their chocolate, last was a game of charades. Some acted, some drew & some had to gargle a x-mas tune. This was hilarious!

Yesterday was the Bible School X- Mas Banquet, today is the women's ministry X-Mas banquet. Tomorrow is church, Monday we do last minute things & Tuesday we fly out. Yippee!!!


taking care of 5 said...

Yay you get to go to Tulsa!!!! I am so excited for you! You look beautiful!! Is that your new cut in the pics? Your hair looks adorable in them. Love the pic of you and Steve!! Have a great Christmas :)

Rock Chef said...

I don't suppose the blond girl in the second to last photo is English? She looks just like someone that my daughter used to go to church with.

Regardless of the price, your hair does look great.

Enjoy the trip!

amazingbrenda said...

Thanks Sandi.

rock chef, no the girl in the blood is full blood Austrian, haha.

Thnks for liking my hair cut hehe! I do like it very much, it's very easy to blow dry, haha!

Logziella said...

Brenda...your hair is BEE-U-TEE-FUL!! I noticed it right away in that first picture...I LOVE it.

Have fun in T-Town! I'll be praying for your flight in regards to the kiddos.


Domestic Diva said...

By the time you read this will already be in T-town...well if they have power!!!
Nice tree...and GORGEOUS hair cut!

I cannot wait to see your family!

What fun we will have to be together again....